Posted on October 30, 2020

‘Build Back Better:’ Donald Trump’s Big, Beautiful Wall

Hubert Collins, American Renaissance, October 30, 2020

With an average of 10 miles a week, there are now almost 400 miles of new wall along America’s southern border, with 195 more under construction. There is funding for another 738 miles.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) notes that before 2017, border barriers were “neglected, easily compromised, and sparsely constructed.” This was true, even though Congress voted for the Secure Fence Act in 2006, including “yea” votes from Senators Joe Biden, Barbara Boxer, Hillary Clinton, Dianne Feinstein, Barack Obama, and Chuck Schumer. Despite the obstacles he faced, President Trump did more to protect our borders than any other recent president.

The men in immigration law enforcement are elated:

  • “We are shutting down illegal border crossing points with the new border wall system. For too long, the smugglers had the upper hand in choosing where and when they smuggle their contraband, and that will no longer be the case.” — U.S. Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott
  • “The border wall system is Exhibit A in showing that the Trump Administration is serious about border security. This wall saves American lives. Every single bit of concrete and steel that goes into the ground stops dangerous people and deadly drugs from coming into this country.” — Customs and Border Patrol Commissioner Mark Morgan
  • “Today is an historic day for the American people and for the Trump Administration, defying all those who said it couldn’t be done. The celebration of [nearly] 400 miles of border wall system is a testament to President Trump’s leadership and this Administration’s commitment to secure our southern border and build an effective border wall system that protects all Americans.” — Deputy Secretary of DHS Ken Cuccinelli
  • “The progress we are celebrating here did not happen by accident. The many miles of border wall system exist because of the will and vision of President Trump, and the dedication and hard work of the men and women of DHS, the Army Corps of Engineers and our colleagues from across the Administration. While this is an important milestone, we are building even more wall.” — Secretary of DHS Chad Wolf

Everyday, violent criminals and drug dealers try to sneak across our border; everyday, Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) stops as many as it can. On Monday evening, CBP arrested one Mexican with convictions for Attempted Murder and Voluntary Manslaughter and another Mexican with a conviction for a sex crime.

The more wall, the better.