Posted on August 18, 2020

Lowlights from the Democratic National Convention

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, August 18, 2020

The “virtual” Democratic National Convention is underway. You probably didn’t notice; I didn’t realize it was happening until after it had started. Democrats aren’t excited. Even though President Donald Trump has disappointed many of his supporters, his voters are more enthusiastic than Joe Biden’s. Black Lives Matter protesters, socialists, and antifa aren’t happy about voting for a neoliberal old white man and a racially ambiguous former prosecutor. The “woke” crowd also don’t like it that the Harris choice created an “audible collective sigh of relief from Silicon Valley,” where tech execs were worried they might be stuck with a crusader like Elizabeth Warren. When Bernie Sanders told his supporters to vote for Joe Biden, he sounded bored.

Here are the lowlights you missed.

Michael Kapp, the DNC Youth Council Chair, told people to “rise or kneel, if you are able, per your preference” for the national anthem. America has sunk so low that even token gestures of patriotism are too much for many Democrats and non-whites.

George Floyd’s family led a “moment of silence.” Floyd’s brother Philonise called George “selfless,” and said he always made “sacrifices for his family, friends and even complete strangers.” Wasn’t he arrested for passing a fake $20 bill? The investigation continues.

New York governor Andrew Cuomo spoke. His catastrophic record with the coronavirus isn’t preventing him from releasing a self-congratulatory book, American Crisis, about his heroic handing of what he called the “European virus.”

Leftists always claimed President Trump talking about the “China virus” term was dangerous and racist.

Another lowlight was Michelle Obama’s pre-recorded address. She claimed that there’s a “never-ending list of innocent people of color [who] continue to be murdered.” She accused “our leaders” [the Trump Administration] of “emboldening torch-bearing white supremacists.” She charged President Trump with having children “torn from their families and thrown into cages” and using harsh tactics against “peaceful protesters.” And then she had the nerve to claim the “cold hard truth” will set us free.

Of course, we can’t speak “cold hard truth” or we’ll be deplaformed. We’re a long way from being free.

Despite all this, the musical number was the worst part. Nietzsche said, “Only as an aesthetic phenomenon are existence and the world justified.” If that’s true, after this, I say bring on the meteor.