Posted on August 27, 2020

All the Bias Fit to Deceive

Chris Roberts, American Renaissance, August 27, 2020

Kyle Rittenhouse has been arrested for shooting three people Tuesday night. The New York Times did a surprisingly even-handed analysis of the video from that evening, which strongly suggests that Mr. Rittenhouse was acting in self defense.

Others have not been so thoughtful.

If it is a reference to Kyle Rittenhouse, is she aware that the three people he shot were all white?

If protests and riots have been “brutally” suppressed, how have they gone on for months? Why has brutal suppression resulted in no deaths?

Some leftists don’t care about facts:

Others clearly don’t know much about weapons:

When I pointed out Luke O’Neil’s mistake, instead of correcting it, he blocked me.

Although many in the media won’t denounce the riots, they are furious with Tucker Carlson for defending Kyle Rittenhouse. You can watch Mr. Carlson’s comments here::

An architect of the Iraq War wrote this: