Posted on June 8, 2020

Sights and Sounds of the BLM Protests and Riots: Days 10–13

Henry Wolff, American Renaissance, June 8, 2020

Protests and riots over George Floyd’s death continue to rage. Here are prominent sights and sounds from the weekend’s festivities:

Portland, Oregon, was true to form:

Seattle police used tear gas after officers were attacked by rioters:

A Hispanic man tried to drive his car along a street occupied by protesters. He shot a man who reached into his car:

Many protests by day were peaceful:

This officer went prostrate in solidarity with the protesters:

The Minneapolis mayor debased himself, but the crowd wasn’t satisfied:

Some whites engaged in Biblical atonement:

Senator Mitt Romney joined a march:

The left-libertarian Cato Institute is seemingly concerned that protesters won’t honor its property rights:

A white man speaking at a D.C. protest said he was mourning George Floyd but not his recently deceased grandfather:

A Marxist black nationalist was a hit at a Chicago protest:

Today, congressional Democrats wore kente cloth and knelt in honor of George Floyd:

There were protests and riots in Europe as well. Police in the UK were forced to flee:

“Churchill was a racist”

In Bristol, England, a statue of Edward Colston fared even worse:

There was rioting and looting in Brussels: