Posted on June 26, 2020

Kansas State in Chaos After One Student’s Tweet

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, June 26, 2020

Jaden McNeil is a student at Kansas State University and the former chapter head of Turning Point USA. He left the organization after he decided it was useless. He started a new group called America First Students (@AmFirstStudents).

Yesterday, he posted a joke on Twitter.

The Tweet Heard Around the World

Since then, Kansas State University has had a mental breakdown. The school’s athletics department is struggling to contain a players’ rebellion. The school denounced him. It’s offering therapists for those who can’t handle this tweet. There are many violent threats against Mr. McNeil.

See for yourself.

Kansas State University is a public school. Unless the First Amendment no longer applies, it has no options.

The basketball coach:

The Dean of Students:

The football coach:

Some “student-athletes”:

If this is typical of black athletes, we need a new concept of fragility. It’s a pathetic display of weakness from some of the most coddled people who have ever lived.
Mr. McNeil isn’t backing down.

Kansas State, like almost every other American university, is a bloated institution with special groups set aside for non-whites.

These include:

  • African Student Union
  • Asian American Student Union
  • Black Student Union
  • Hispanic American Leadership Organization (HALO)
  • Native American Student Body
  • United Black Voices

It was also the scene of fake hate crimes in both 2017 and 2018.  Nothing happened to the hoaxers. Clearly, the supply of “hate” isn’t meeting the demand, if the university can’t handle a single vaguely edgy tweet.

If there is real hate, it is from those who are directly threatening Mr. McNeil’s life. Will the university act?

Jaden McNeil Death Threats

The Kansas legislature should defund the school, beginning with the athletics department.
If it won’t, parents should stop sending their children to this poisonous place. They should stop supporting these teams. Stop going to games or watching people who hate you throw a ball. Better yet, stop living vicariously and lift, train, and compete on your own.