Twelfth American Renaissance Conference (2014)

Prospects for Our People

The last half century has seen steady dispossession of the European peoples. Our rulers have welcomed the mass immigration and “diversity” that are transforming every historically white nation.

We stand against dispossession. We assert our natural preference for the culture, heritage, and folkways of our people.

Nor are we frightened by taboos. We call on whites to rekindle a consciousness of race, for without it, neither we nor our civilization will survive.

Conferees gathered from April 25–27, 2014, at Montgomery Bell Inn and Conference Center, near Nashville, TN, to discuss these important issues. Click on the title of a speech to watch a video of it on BitChute.

John Morgan John Morgan — “Eastern Winds: What Nationalism in Eastern Europe can Teach the West.” (full text) John Morgan is Editor in Chief of Arktos Media, which has introduced important European New Right figures to the West. Arktos authors include Alain de Benoist, Guillaume Faye, and Julius Evola, as well as prominent figures in the growing European identitarian movement. In January, Mr. Morgan addressed the Ukrainian Maidan Revolutionary Council as a guest of the nationalist party, Svoboda.
RamZPaul RamZPaul — “The Dark Enlightenment.” Mr. Paul describes himself as “a sometimes sober guy with a camera who creates videos on YouTube.” Mostly mocking the establishment’s religion of Cultural Marxism, his iconoclastic performances have been called “Pop Culture Meets Nationalism.”
Jack Donovan Jack Donovan — “Interference: White Tribalism Disrupts Their Regularly Scheduled Programming.” (full text) Mr. Donovan is the author of The Way of Men, an exploration of the “tactical” masculine virtues and the primal origins of masculinity. For a sample of Mr. Donovan’s thoughts on race, identity, and nationalism, you may read his essay “Mighty White.”
John Derbyshire John Derbyshire  — “China, America, and the Chinese in America.” Mr. Derbyshire is a novelist, pop-math author, reviewer, and opinion journalist. He is best known for his columns at and and for his Radio Derb podcasts. For many years Mr. Derbyshire wrote for National Review, but was ousted for saying sensible things about black people.
Jared Taylor Jared Taylor  — “Why All Politics is Racial.” Mr. Taylor is editor of American Renaissance. He is the author of Paved With Good Intentions, and the primary contributor to the collection A Race Against Time. His latest book is White Identity: Racial Consciousness in the 21st Century.
Douglas Whitman Douglas Whitman — “The Evolution and Biological Reality of Race.” In 2012, Dr. Whitman retired as a professor of biology at Illinois State University. He ran many minority-enrichment programs, which forced him to confront the question of racial differences in intelligence. Teaching and studying evolution led him to an understanding of the biology of racial differences.
Philip Craik Philip Craik  — “Orania: Afrikaners Build a Homeland.” Mr. Craik is one of Orania’s ambassadors to Europe. He is an economist who has done postgraduate work in England, France, and Germany, and now works in finance for a major German company.
Adrian Davies Adrian Davies  — “Nationalist Movements in Western Europe.” Mr. Davies is a London barrister with close ties to European nationalist movements.
Sam Dickson Sam Dickson  — “Untruth Will Make You Slave.” Mr. Dickson is an attorney who has been an advocate for our people since his college days. He has addressed every American Renaissance conference.