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Yale Capitulates


Anatomy of a shakedown.


All-black dorm will protect black students from a “hostile” campus environment.

The university is expecting 900 fewer students next year due to non-whites’ activism.

Some schools are offering course credit for attendance.

He hopes to give fifty $2,500 grants.

The same thing happened in South Korea in 2013.

Ron Unz is hoping to influence the Harvard admissions process.

School makes clear this is not a “celebratory endeavor.”

University wants a record of every single one.

Non-whites much more likely to cheat than whites.

About 58,000 students overstay their visas each year.

One that boosted enrollment of blacks and Hispanics at U of M by 24 percent in one year.

Black interim president will meet all protesters’ demands at Mizzou.

Black students work so hard fighting “stereotypes” that their grades suffer.

Whites must watch every word they say.

Good sense, as usual, from Walter Williams.

And one “college” has a profit margin of 75 percent.

The truth slips briefly into print.

Song “completely ignores Christmases of other colors.”

A new breakthrough in campus absurdity.

Non-whites say it is “violence” to have to walk past his statue each day.

Race Preferences at the Supreme Court


Our court watcher predicts there will be no change in “affirmative action.”


A majority or Yalies reportedly were willing to abolish it.

Group tells Board of Trustees: “You owe us money.”

At “diverse” colleges students self-segregate.

Heresy at National Review.

Another student was expelled.

This and Halloween costumes were the big grievances of non-whites on campus.

They cite “mismatch” theory and even question the value of diversity.

Diversity undermines trust, making us second-guess our peers.

Non-whites also want more classes about non-whites and more sensitivity training.

John Roberts wants to know when racial preferences will no longer be necessary.

They say the climate at Yale is hostile to “civil dialogue and open inquiry.”

And is so terrified he does so anonymously.

Brown students say the supine administration’s concessions are “not enough.”

Giant mural is offensive by today’s standards.

Judge says he can return to class.

Muslims then claim to be the victims.

Former homecoming queen tweeted about bombing and shooting black students.

Another remnant of institutional racism has been smashed.

Groups want to “advance our interests as white students.”

“I will execute approximately 16 white male students and or staff.”

Lefty students want protection from ideas they don’t like.

That will help solve the “serious” problem of “racism” at the law school.

Some are even started by non-whites who are shocked by anti-white hatred.

But will not ban the flag outright.

“A Race Man,” First and Last


Thurgood Marshall’s climb to the Supreme Court.

Review by Raymond Wolters

The Blackening of Yale


School’s president sets it on the path to Detroit.


Yik Yak posts shutter the whole campus.

Shouting “Fuck you, you filthy white fucks!” is “antithetical to our values and goals as an institution.”