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The court’s majority has “a blinkered view of race.”

“Today’s decision turns back our nation’s commitment to racial equality.”

In 2012 more Hispanic than white high-school graduates went to college.

He says the decision is a “devastating blow to the civil rights community.”

Sotomayor dissents: She wants to correct the “unfortunate effects of centuries of racial discrimination.”

His speech was “postponed” because some of his work might upset non-whites.

And more Asians than Hispanics.

But he went on to win the Heisman Trophy and the national championship.

Rapping about “racism,” no matter the topic at hand, is the new, winning style.

And the SAT measures it.

Black who scored low on the ACT believes she was rejected due to her “morals.”

Blacks upset because Washington and Lee University honors Robert E. Lee.

The New Faces of Baseball, Sports on Earth

Not even black colleges can field a black baseball team.

The university forgot to call it “diversity.”

“Philosophical shifts” are needed to appeal to “nontraditional students.”

It might have upset the campus Muslims.

Penn’s Africana Studies Department to report the latest findings on race.

“If it were a good argument, it would be an offensive one to make.”

Nigerians call American blacks “akata,” or “wild animals.”

Son of Ghanaian immigrants is ranked 11th in his graduating class.

The 146-word final essay is riddled with errors.

Police say they attacks were “flash mobs.”

Indian universities receive NASA grants to “inspire the next generation of explorers.”

Asians kill deal that could have brought back racial preferences.

The surveillance video reveals what we already knew.

The latest attempt at forced diversity at the University of Alabama.

It has become impossible to ignore the biological basis of race.

But a day-long “teach-in” on “bias incidents” will still take place.

He wanted secure borders.

“This is racism 2.0.”

Academic programs at white universities in Maryland must be sacrificed for “diversity.”

Non-whites say the film “glamorizes” slavery.

The SAT Upgrade Is a Big Mistake, National Association of Scholars

Author claims the SAT is being dumbed down to match Common Core standards.

It will “lead to innovation.”

Are You In?, CollegeBoard

College Board wants more non-whites in AP classes.

Chinese finally waking up to what “affirmative action” really means.

They wanted whites to form a separate group to discuss “white supremacy” and “white privilege.”

If the party had made fun only of CMT it probably would have been OK.

Unvaccinated college student brought the disease to California.

Test makers hope to reduce the score gap between rich and poor.

Perhaps it favors the intelligent.

More black self-absorption.

Circumstances of coed’s death have been sealed for almost 18 months; no reasons given.

The NAACP calls it a “monumental day.”

They want an “exact commitment” to each “demand” on their lefty wish list.

She claimed there’s such a thing as “human nature.”

For once it doesn’t seem to be a hoax.

Blacks injured several people in drive-by-style attacks.

Harvard senior thinks “academic freedom” should be abandoned in favor of “academic justice.”

The NAACP is certain: “It’s a racial hate crime.”