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Vermont is 1.2 percent black.

“If you can’t find them [safe spaces], we will help you find them.”

It’s for “cultivating community.”

Blacks feel alienated at schools for which they are not qualified.

James Watson once dared point out blacks’ lower average IQ.

Offer an inch, they want a mile.

Incoming students instructed on, “How to be a (Better) White Ally.”

To protect them from “racially insensitive remarks” and “microaggressions.”

More goofy white people.

Student advisers will provide “good arguments” for students to use against “uneducated people.”

There are special scholarships and services offered only to illegals.

Some profs think students are unqualified and that their complaints are exaggerated.

New portraits will reflect Oxford’s “culture of inclusion, equality and tolerance.”

Some students think racial exclusivity is fine . . . for non-whites.

Yale takes the lead in groveling.

“We don’t want to have to tiptoe around fragile white feelings . . . .”

There is no similar course only for white students.

They might offend Indians.

One alumnus says he feels “basically dismissed as an old, white bigot.”

“Bias” must be stamped out everywhere.

University of Houston is ruthless in its black advocacy.

It’s based in China.

“Diverse” law schools won’t guarantee 75 percent of graduates will pass the bar.

Professor says that’s the intention of our education system.

Why Have We Unlearned What We Knew in 1900?


An eminent historian’s view.


No doubt they felt more comfortable that way.

Janitor’s “dignity” is more important than an 85-year-old stained glass window.

A scandal mentioned five times in NYT cuts applications by 9 percent.

Virginia Tech claims these are just “guidelines,” not “mandates.”

Even hourly employees must submit personal “diversity and inclusion” statements.

“Diversity” is a smokescreen. Let’s just discriminate against whites.

Then begged the US government to come save him.

Discrimination Against Whites Still Legal


Supreme Court renders a murky but unsurprising ruling.


“Conservatives” still blame black failure on poor teachers.

Majority says “diversity” is more important than equal protection.

Says tuition receipts will drop $30 million due to “grim” freshman enrollment.

Sentence includes 90 days in jail and an $82,000 fine.

. . . for their “activism” opposing “racism.”

And now president announces “a host of new diversity initiatives.

College wants to hire 50 new non-white professors in the next four years.

Because “diversity is central to the nature of WSU.”

They are estimated to cheat five times as often as Americans.

“White male” turns out not to be.

“Major English Poets” class “creates a culture that is hostile to students of color.”

A “vibrant” new industry corrupts American system.

If it were up to her, the event would not have taken place.

Even HuffPo is appalled.

University security did nothing to stop “Black Lives Matter” hecklers.

Colleges are also to offer “support services” for students with criminal records.

Are whites waking up?