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SAT will include passages from Declaration and Constitution.

Kicked out of her sorority for a message that was visible for only a few seconds.

57% of Asians, 49% of whites, and 11% of blacks met three or more college readiness benchmarks.

Black professor justifies her assault.

She was hired because she was black.

Among other things, “Confederate Drive” will be renamed “Chapel Lane.”

A “child refugee” before it was fashionable.

Perp likely to be deported after serving sentence.

The Hidden Benefits of Diversity in Higher Education


One is the opportunity for cloistered whites to meet real-world blacks.


Man who shouted slur may face charges of criminal mischief and harassment.

Madness in Madison, Pope Center

U. of Wisconsin professor lambastes his school’s new “diversity initiative.”

The “Best and the Brightest” Fallacy, Center for Immigration Studies

Yet another trick for getting into the country.

Texas race preferences are “narrowly tailored.”

The case might even go back to the Supreme Court.

Canadian prof: “It is time Whites show respect for themselves.”

School bows to black students’ “demands.”

Hundreds of colleges still censor student speech.

Man known as “the education governor” was also a “white supremacist.”

University of Colorado says conference attracted too much criticism.

America in 2034


The triumph of the boring.


America in 2034


To the catacombs–for now.


Grounds for permitted discrimination become even narrower.

Article says the move will “enrage” the Left.

Star basketball player hardly ever went to class, got A’s anyway.

Non-whites will test their experiments in near-zero gravity.

The head of the school’s Marxist Society proposed the successful ban.

Classic works would come with warnings about “racism” and “sexism.”

Another “anonymous note.”

Race at Universities


Why young whites have no racial consciousness.


Even they recognize their victory was “surreal.”

It’s done because of “the importance of HBCUs as a national resource.”

Public money funds white-guilt sessions.

Another assault on the past.

Activist group: “We have exciting news to share.”

Jokes between a black student and a white student created a “hostile and discriminatory environment.”

Insider’s new book on racial preferences in college admissions.

Harvard grad students: Profs must be trained to make classes “a safe place.”

Professors less likely to write back to LaToya Brown than to Brad Anderson.

“Cinco de Drinko” was “offensive.”

“The possibility of offending even one [student] was not worth the potential benefits of having the fundraiser.”

Three star players reportedly raped her in a moving car.

This is international news.

Funding from a “racist” is no good for kidney research.

Princeton student says “I have checked my privilege. And I apologize for nothing.”

In-state illegals will receive benefits not eligible to out-of-state citizens.

Asians out of step with other non-whites on racial preferences.

Getting Into the Ivies, New York Times

Since 1994, the number of places at Harvard filled by Americans has dropped by 27 percent.

He said three whites attacked him and called him an “Islamic terrorist.”

Non-white beneficiaries are often wealthy or mixed-race.

“There are so many people stacked up against you.”