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Just 9 percent of students graduate in four years.

Activists wanted a “C” to be the lowest grade students could get this semester.

Student says “it felt like she was invalidating the experience of black lives.”

Well-wishing whites think “facts don’t matter” when it comes to “racism.”

America “does not care about the lives of black people, period.”

Harvard Under Fire, The Economist

Asian plaintiff challenges the university’s racial preferences.

He wanted to show the issues he cares about are real.

Student was stabbed repeatedly “because she was a white female.”

No indictment, no demonstrations.

Georgetown student says thinking of his attackers as thugs is “otherization.”

Campus will “continue to work to end racism in all of its forms.”

University students think they have a right not to be offended.

Lawsuit says affirmative action holds Asians to higher standards.

Students even want to censor discussions of censorship.

Mississippi initiative has 12 provisions to honor the South.

It was a front for an immigration scam.

Chancellor says living in a multiracial society requires special training.

They say society just doesn’t understand “blackness.’

In May 2013, the SAT was cancelled in Korea because of cheating.

A Troublesome Inheritance: A Conversation with Nicholas Wade


Eugenics, the future of genetic research, and academic closemindedness.


The Decline of Western Man (and Woman)


A conversation with F. Roger Devlin.


Liberals Deny Science, Too, Washington Post

Many sociologists doubt evolutionary underpinnings of human behavior.

Asking about felonies disproportionately screens out non-whites.

He criticized Islam, so Muslims are upset.

Tax money for schools to help them “modify enrollment processes” to admit fewer whites.

3,000 students took “irregular classes” in black studies.

He called Aboriginals “human rubbish.”

White “man” cannot promote a “culture of diversity” at a women’s college.

Students dared fly the Confederate flag at a majority-minority women’s college.

This is not his first commencement speech from behind bars.

They gave him a full scholarship.

He had a full sports scholarship.

Students want more diversity training to counter “macro- and micro-aggressions.”

The Unfree Speech Movement, Wall Street Journal

The Berkeley “free speech” movement was always a charade.

It might offend foreigners.

America’s black colleges think they want to become “international.”

Why Isn’t My Professor Black?


Blacks in Britain are learning how to play the grievance game.


Another way around bans on racial preferences.

Organization finds 58 percent of public universities violate First Amendment.

Student debt of under $1,000 was forgiven.

Perp was, of course, black.

First racial provocation of the school year.

ICE official: “Some of them could be here to do us harm.”

SAT will include passages from Declaration and Constitution.

Kicked out of her sorority for a message that was visible for only a few seconds.

57% of Asians, 49% of whites, and 11% of blacks met three or more college readiness benchmarks.

Black professor justifies her assault.

She was hired because she was black.

Among other things, “Confederate Drive” will be renamed “Chapel Lane.”

A “child refugee” before it was fashionable.