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Is Diversity a Strength for America?


Remarks at a debate at Kentucky State University.


What will they think of next?

School will keep the name to “teach and confront the history of slavery in the U.S.”

The university administration approves.

Black senior makes excuses: “Someone thought it was a joke.”

Some called it “overt racism.”

White alumna is guilty of “cultural appropriation” for holding a presentation on Hindu chanting.

Freshman enrollment is down 25 percent and four dorms have had to close.

The University of Massachusetts now requires students to endorse “social justice.”

They’re upset that a student who spray painted “the devil iz a white man” on campus was arrested.

State senator says the legislature is acting to end the diversity office’s “foolishness.”

Jared Taylor will debate diversity this Thursday in Frankfort, KY.

She tweeted, “I will kill all the blacks tonight . . . if they go to Kean University.”

Campus Republicans have already said they posted the “offensive” notice.

The War on Afrikaans


A fight about language is really a fight about race.


Trump supporters and Hispanic groups debated across the fence.

Can a white man claim to be a Chinese woman?

He was mad about being booted from a computer lab reserved for Aborigines.

There they can explore new reasons to feel guilty for being white.

Saying, “There is only one race, the human race,” is also now a microaggression.

The country has already banned face-covering veils.

National Greek organizations call the graffiti “offensive and hurtful.”

Students voted down proposed course requirements in Western Civ.

But there could be whites without “whiteness.”

And it isn’t possible for whites to be discriminated against.

New theme will be “Woodstock.”

Jesse Jackson helped dismantle the Western Civ requirement in the 1980s.

This is what they think at Harvard.

Guess the race and sex.

Diversity of ideas.

Students at over 100 colleges have joined #TheChalkening.

Chinese hire ringers to take the SAT for them.

Students at Scripps College call her a “genocide enabler.”

School will meet some other black demands.

Mount Holyoke canceled because “dialogues” left out people who identify as women but don’t have a vagina.

Black woman accuses fellow student of “cultural appropriation.”

And has hired a $235,000-a-year “chief diversity officer.”

Students want the school president to denounce Trump the same way he did swastikas.

Students are “intimidated” because someone wrote “Vote Trump” in chalk.

It took feds four months to admit he was inspired by ISIS.

Group called “Marginalized Students” issues “demands, not simply requests or suggestions.”

Inactivity by the university board is “oppression.”

He calls it “affirmative suicide.”

Asians are getting as bad as blacks.

Students and faculty call him a “white nationalist.”

On Campus, a New Civil Rights Era Rises, Christian Science Monitor

They are fighting “centuries of flawed civilization.”

The presence of ICE recruiters on campus is “triggering” to Hispanic students.

Do they want to support black institutions or not?

Prolific psychologist was out front on race and IQ, too.

Move is apparently “unprecedented among U.S. universities.”