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“Diversity facilitates friction” and seems to make traders more skeptical.

Silicon Valley: A Shocking Lack of Diversity


Jared Taylor explains why it’s nothing to worry about.


Chancellor says living in a multiracial society requires special training.

Fantasy novels and movies are overwhelmingly white.

And 49 percent of Americans think the country will be “better off.”

Muslim Immigration and the West


It’s time to stop the madness.


Some say the KKK might be out in the woods.

A heart-warming vision of America’s future.

Company mandates diversity training to combat “unconscious bias.”

One in ten working-age adults in the US cannot speak proficient English.

83 percent of Americans want official English.

Ferguson Forever


Diversity set Ferguson on fire.


For non-whites, “diversity” means more of their group.

Diversity doesn’t work in Burma either.

Study Finds Diversity Toll, Wall Street Journal

Non-whites who push “diversity” are seen as less competent.

Madness in Madison, Pope Center

U. of Wisconsin professor lambastes his school’s new “diversity initiative.”

America is becoming less a country than a “geographic expression.”

Younger Brits stick with their own kind.

Poor non-whites in Britain have a racial/cultural identity; poor whites do not.

Australia plunges into the future.

More than 500 “Britons” have joined the fight with ISIS.

The company is 38 percent Asian, but report says it has too many whites.

Columnist says Britain is fighting “barbarism and ignorance.”

“The whole point of ethnic studies is American at its core.”

Keeping groups separate with “physical and political boundaries” maintains peace.

They say whites are “arrogant” and “ask stupid questions.”

Identity Defies the Global Marketplace


The search for authentic diversity.


Korea, Tagalog, Hmong, Dakota . . .

Only a quarter of white Britons identify as “British.”

Part of the idea is to keep Koreatown from expanding.

Satire on diversity mentions American Renaissance conference.

As diversity goes up, sense of community goes down.

“You have Disney, the Honda Center, the Angels, and you also have Little Arabia.”

A Hindu reportedly defaced a Koran.

Non-Muslims encouraged to wear the veil.

“Diversity for thee, but not for me.”

Notes for Revolutionaries


Why the regime must fall.

Review by Jared Taylor

The War on Truth, Weekly Standard

The Weekly Standard writes something sensible about diversity.

A Canadian discovers Robert Putnam.

Guess what the NAACP thinks.

He calls the clamors for more non-whites in comedy “PC nonsense.”

Park is supposed to attract Hispanics, who can’t “relate” to Yosemite.

Underlines the idea that America is up for grabs by whoever wants to come here.

In more than 200 British schools, 90 percent of students don’t speak English at home.

Studies: Diversity can lead to “ambient cultural disharmony” that saps creativity.

He told migrants he hopes they keep “the values of [their] culture of origin.”

A few people are waking up to the crisis.

It said “Diversity is a code word for white genocide.”

The AmRen “Race Card Project”


What can you say about race in just six words?


“The Charter of Values is the latest expression of Quebec’s dim view of multiculturalism.”