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Diversity in schools is a constant headache.

White men built Twitter but now it should diversify.

They say they don’t want to reveal race data because it would help their competitors.

New minorities means new holidays.

She says she sees more veiled women in Quebec than when she travels to Pakistan and Morocco.

Obama somehow won with a nearly all-white staff.

Her talent performance was a Bollywood dance.

“The announcement . . . came two days after U.S. News and World Report ranked the school the top national university . . . .”

The poem was “My Grandmother Washes Her Feet in the Sink of the Bathroom at Sears.”

Nick Clegg says one of the great things about Britain is that people dress differently.

Secularism and Islam clash in Quebec.

For those without “purpose,” being on a diverse train causes stress.

Refuses to take down banner that says “English owners.”

Walter Williams gets it right . . . mostly.

Each year, 40 percent of newly registered doctors in Britain are foreign-born.

Researcher claims in-group favoritism is learned.

Quebec for Quebecers!


A conversation with a comrade.

Interview by Jared Taylor

Coming to a neighborhood near you: “Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing.”

But many also speak English.

The New Face of New York’s Seniors, Center for an Urban Future

They are immigrants, they are poor, their English is bad, and they keep coming.

The Lonely Londoners


What it was like for blacks in the 1950s.

Reviewed by Alex Kurtagic

They think they have to give up their “blackness” to fit in.

Billions will be spent trying to diversify “high opportunity neighborhoods.”

Black legislators don’t want to share their group’s racial set-asides.

University presidents claim “diversity” is essential to education.

76 percent of UKIP councilors think immigration has been bad for Britain.

Blacks never regret expressing racial solidarity.

Languages include Marathi, Telugu, and Sylheti.

But LA Times says it’s OK for Asians to stick together.

The American Southwest will become an outpost of Mexico.

Diversity is a strength for tax collection, too.

“The time has come to face the facts: oil and water do not mix.”

Education for Our People


And how we teach martial arts.


Many Hispanics aren’t “culturally comfortable” sending children to pre-school.

“Here’s a sign of the changing times . . . .”

The Diversity Illusion


One Briton who sees clearly.

Reviewed by Tony Bain

Liberals have their own “out-groups,” but foreigners aren’t among them.

Sikhs want to play soccer in turbans but the league says “no.”

Only two percent of Orange County residents are black.

Muslims bring more diversity than Londoners bargained for.

Many areas in Australia are “no-go zones” for whites.

Scottish authorities want to know if they “respect and value diversity.”

When immigrants riot, it must be the welcoming society’s fault.

Pat Buchanan asks, “How do we think this experiment is going to end?”

Christians and Muslims don’t get along in Michigan.

Her thesis was titled “Success STEMS From Diversity.”

It’s “the only road to the kingdom of God.”

He was too normal for their liking.

And some interesting correlations that go along with it.

According to this methodology, the US is very tolerant.