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Indians are serious about their cheating.

You can get an ultrasound in villages that don’t have clean water.

The “untouchables” are being forced into ghettos.

Bad medicine in government-run “sterilization camp.”

Bill Gates’ millions down the drain.

Teachers who try to stop cheating may be attacked.

Delhi residents don’t like people who look Chinese.

A Hindu reportedly defaced a Koran.

It was “disrespectful of Hinduism’s Gods and Goddesses.”

Students in northeast India are demanding an “anti-racism” law.

This is apparently not considered an important human rights problem.

International survey of Muslim women on how much they should cover up.

Foreign pilots often fly out of London drunk.

Some pay up to $35,000 to be smuggled in.

The study was done in India.

Wife is killed if her parents can’t come up with enough cash.

Tribesman let in vaccination teams in exchange for economic benefits.

India, China and Pakistan are among the worst offenders.

Another Muslim response to religious diversity.

Miss America is too dark to have a chance of winning Miss India.

Millions have been aborted.

31 Killed in Indian Religious Violence, Christian Science Monitor

There have been 450 incidents of religious violence in India this year.

In Pakistan, there is an outbreak where a warlord kept out vaccinators.

Indians spend over $400 million on skin-whitening cream.

He may have to come to America to save his mustache and his family.

But the caste system has since limited inter-group mingling.

She was on a bicycle tour with her husband.

Global TB Fight Hits a Wall, Wall Street Journal

India’s strategy makes the disease more drug resistant.

You can’t do business in the Third World without it.

“Rigid communal segregation” leads to “perfect security” in Indian state.

And they want pure-bloods, not mixed marriages.

Teacher may face death sentence.

Meanwhile, Pakistanis still hate America.

Groups vie for title of “most backward.”

78 people killed, more than 14,000 houses burned.

Just a different point of view.

Inventor claims success “by the grace of Allah.”

45 have been killed in riots over illegal immigration of Bangladeshis.

All with the help of a Mr. Patel in the US.

Fairness is beauty in India.

Throwing babies off building in ritual is supposed to make them stronger.

Indian surrogate mothers carry babies with “blond hair and blue eyes.”

Many Indians take cheating for granted.

8,500 such attacks were reported in Pakistan last year.

Let them set their own priorities.

“Totally drug resistant” tuberculosis has evolved in India.

Husbands whose wives don’t want polygamous relationships often resort to violence.

Incurable disease was incubated in India and could spread anywhere.

Pubs Bar African Nationals in Bangalore, Hindustan Times (New Delhi)

For security reasons.

Indian schools teach rote learning rather than thinking.