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There are still 300 white farmers in the crosshairs.

He agrees with Al Sharpton.

At a speech at Cornell.

Not talking about the number of blacks who would benefit would be “political malpractice.”

He has been elected ethnic vice chair of the Michigan party.

And it would be free for anyone who maintained a 2.0 average.

“We’re turning into a banana republic.”

All-black team is disqualified; all-white team takes title.

He thinks Obama will take executive action to improve the justice system.

Black co-pilot was left flying the plane.

Eric Holder: Even Worse Than You Thought


He is a devious, power-hungry, racial zealot.


Just 5 percent of majority-white districts are represented by non-whites.

Stock climbs 5 percent after black CEO resigns.

She’s likely to give the nod to Obama’s immigrant amnesty.

Black sheriff says what no white sheriff dares say.

The real story of Selma is another tale of black failure.

American private citizens donated $1.4 billion to Haiti after the earthquake.

Charlie Rangel was indifferent to dead white soldiers.

When whites leave things fall apart.

Four non-whites among the top five women.

Diversity magazine said she was “worth watching.” Apparently so.

Just 9 percent of students graduate in four years.

Western clothing; African behavior.

He doesn’t like “Racist NYPD CRACKERS.”

“We’re called things like Uncle Toms and traitors to our community.”

Black lawyers maintain Wilson “committed a criminal act.”

Eric Holder says it is a national problem.

A black woman’s public obsession with race.

The issues surrounding Ferguson “threaten the entire nation.”

Congressional Black Caucus says there is a “scourge of police violence.”

Students want to protest “systematic racism.”

She says the Michael Brown shooting is a symptom of racism.

Says protesters have raised “real and significant underlying issues.”

Says “mighty big things” can be done by executive order.

Fight broke out over $23-million upgrade to Jacob Zuma’s home.

She claims to have magical powers.

Detective Damita Williams doesn’t think simple rape should be a crime.

He also likens Tea Partyers to racial terrorists.

Profile of Loretta Lynch, Discover the Networks

Pick for Attorney General thinks death penalty has disparate impact.

She will be fired.

Black superintendent just established this rule.

The Times describes her as a “low-profile prosecutor.”

But not thanks to black voters.

Patrick Cannon once pressured hotels to cancel an American Renaissance conference.

They say society just doesn’t understand “blackness.’

“Everything we believe in–they hate.”

But says Ferguson police require “wholesale change” even before investigation is over.

And he still thinks America is a nation of cowards who won’t talk about race.

3,000 students took “irregular classes” in black studies.

This is the man who pressured Charlotte hotels to cancel the 2011 American Renaissance conference.