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Blacks are serious about their shoes.

Even Obama is guilty of continuing this “legacy of oppression.”

Black judge, black criminal.

Black judge does not believe all-white juries can be fair and impartial.

He’ll bring his expertise in “institutional racism” to Oakland’s new “race and equity” department.

Is it bias, or are blacks less likely to pay their bills?

Black head of schools had “tuition to pay and casinos to visit.”

Zimbabwe’s economy is in shambles and Mugabe’s party may even force him out.

Seven-notch downgrade due to “severe and rapid” financial decline.

She posed for selfies with them.

An HBCU Fights to Survive, Inside Higher Ed

Stories of mismanagement are “legendary.”

Black Professors Gone Wild


Diversity is its own worst enemy.


Email quotes former mayor as asking for $1 million to make an indictment “go away.”

Black judge says citizens of Baltimore “think for themselves.”

Police union calls settlement “ridiculous.”

Black judge assigns new court dates and “alternative penalties” like community service.

Eric Holder’s Justice Department: A federal judge called its behavior “appalling.”

His 28-year prison sentence was upheld.

Rioting “failed to shift the racial power equation.”

She’s a special assistant to the president.

Even black police are tired of the lying.

“Crash for Cash:” Injuring yourself and then suing for compensation.

More blacks in charge, less revenue, and fewer businesses.

They also say Marilyn Mosby had a suspicious meeting with the medical examiner.

Blacks propose rule to help blacks stay in their neighborhoods.

Prince George’s County is one of the country’s wealthiest; it’s also one of the most corrupt.

“Clarence Thomas is an ardent white supremacist.”

Keeping white ownership for some farms is “of strategic economic importance.”

Decisions of black federal district judges are 10 percent more likely to be overturned.

He also gives cultural sensitivity training to the police department.

Program hires ex-cons to help reduce neighborhood violence.

He didn’t just rap. He made $40 to $100 million on an investment in Vitaminwater.

An African Planet?


Is this the way our world ends?


Report’s cover quotes the mayor’s “space to destroy” comment.

The interim commissioner will be a white man.

Congressmen introducing a resolution to encourage retailers to stop selling the flag.

It probably happened when Gray stood up while the van was moving.

It began with the end of apartheid.

ICC nearly nabs Sudanese head of state. Mugabe is outraged.

She’s fond of saying she comes from a long line of police officers.

The fruits of black rule.

Defense lawyers argue “Mrs. Mosby herself has become essential exculpatory evidence.”

Marilyn Mosby’s office filed the motion in the wrong court.

Defense lawyers accuse her of cover-up.

He claims phony news story explains American indictment of FIFA officials.

But, of course, the environmental movement is not doing nearly enough for “people of color.”

“And no white person can do anything about it.”

Four of the top six commanders are non-white.

Much hand-wringing because blacks are 13 percent of the population, but only 12 percent of police.

They were caught on video stealing Tostitos and Slim Jims.