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3,000 students took “irregular classes” in black studies.

This is the man who pressured Charlotte hotels to cancel the 2011 American Renaissance conference.

Black aide of black city first lady used to be on Sharpton’s staff.

He fleeced church congregations.

Juan Demetrius McFarland has been a pastor for 21 years.

Black teen shoots at white police officer; officer returns fire; blacks riot.

65 percent of elected officials are white men.

African countries say the International Criminal Court is racist.

“Does a councilperson have to be black to represent black voters?”

His next project may be starting a civil rights center.

“Will we yet again turn a blind eye to the hard truths that Ferguson exposed?”

Blacks in Ferguson don’t care about due process.

America’s black colleges think they want to become “international.”

Black chief says flag is part of a “culture of racism.”

The city has over 11,000 fires each year.

Black preacher: “This is a witch hunt against black teachers.”

“I am also a black man.”

Only 9 percent of voters have a “very positive” view of the department.

State senator: “It’s a political move to try to calm down the African-American community.”

When “diversity” is a priority, standards drop.

Pat Buchanan says Holder would be tossed out of a jury pool for his race rants.

He calls black Highway Patrol Captain “my brother.”

He says “this tragedy can give rise to new understanding.”

Astonishing commentary at a service for Michael Brown.

Who’s to Blame for the Ferguson Riots?


The police, of course.


Black professor justifies her assault.

Blacks steal city infrastructure.

She says she is “intelligent and classy” and would never use the N-word.

Former superintendent of the year, Beverly Hall, not in court because of breast cancer.

Other whites are suing the same black principal.

Forty-five percent say he has abused executive power.

She was a rising star in the New York City school district.

Report says the problem is population loss and retiree costs.

Museveni says his people can get along without aid if they “stop sleeping.”

He says we’re still a “nation of cowards.”

Its population is expected to triple by the end of the century.

Amnesty International is “deeply disappointed.”

The “chocolate city” mayor accepted about $500,000 in bribes.

Holder says it prevents blacks from voting.

Experts say Detroit suffers from Third-World problems.

The average amount overdue is $560.

UN says Detroit must reconnect water to thousands of delinquent residents.

He says he faced retaliation after reporting corruption.

America in 2034


Our flag will still fly on the moon.


But not before testing their services first.

The new century takes its toll.

It would cost $850 million.

The displaced Zimbabweans are now cheap labor for sugar fields owned by Mugabe’s party.

Clinton cronies wasting hundreds of millions of dollars in Haiti.

It’s done because of “the importance of HBCUs as a national resource.”