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Private labs will have to analyze the 9,000 untested rape kits.

He stole $2 million in lunch money for poor children.

State rep said Alabama whites don’t want to adopt black babies or have mulatto grandchildren.

She’s now the president of “The Black Institute.”

His spokesman blames the GOP budget sequester.

Spent £3 million on 4,000 guests.

Black Male Engagement Task Force is modeled on Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper program.

She says she has been taking her pills.

Black Coaches in Pro Sports


Accusations of racism are not plausible.


In one sting, he told an agent “I look good in an orange necktie, but not in an orange suit.”

He’s the same mayor who played a role in shutting down the 2011 AmRen Conference.

More than half of the city’s customers are behind on their water bills.

He says the city needs to stop gentrification and whites need to be more open-minded.

All the corrupt politicians were black, so the investigation was “racist.”

Their way of refusing to vote for the city’s budget.

Another black elected official is indicted.

In other words, the truth hurts.

Jury spent less than two hours to convict on all counts.

Says black Alabama state rep.

Debo Adegbile will not head Justice’s Civil Rights Division.

The grant was for a program called We Are Our Brother’s Keepers.

Screening for felons has a “disparate impact” on non-whites.

Black failure is not solved by more blacks in power.

She says “Keep all your ‘thats so disrespectful/howrude/etc.’ comments to yourself.”

Black nationalist mayor had yet to serve a full year.

“If we retaliate, you can bring out your soldiers. We got some, too.”

We think our readers can guess.

They don’t like his support for homosexual marriage.

Cameroon immigrants and someone named “Florence Bikundi” swindled the District for at least $75 million.

“My Brother’s Keeper” will hold their hands until they get jobs.

The convicted sex offender was found with pornography.

Obama going all out to appoint anyone but white men.

It’s been a bad week for black mayors.

Laws against felons voting apply disproportionately to non-whites.

Mayor of state capital remained in office right up until the verdict.

Historian says “It’s been about maximizing the dollar value of Dr. King’s legacy.”

Obama isn’t appointing as many black judges as the Black Caucus would like.

Now serving from behind bars.

Non-white congressmen have formed a “Full Employment Caucus” to accomplish the task.

Blacks haven’t visited the $42 million black culture center; now the bank wants it foreclosed.

Stolen food could have fed 100,000 families for a month.

Two inches of snow crippled black-run city.

Black babies are twice as likely as white babies to die in their first month.

Black state senator did not live in the district he represented.

Anti-apartheid activist will be the presidential candidate for the leading opposition party.

Ray “Chocolate City” Nagin is charged with corruption.

He also says America’s demographic changes “could be a very divisive thing.”

Says he is guilty of unprecedented abuse of power.

His ghost writer concealed the fact that he was a Communist committed to violence.

More non-white judges has been a “legacy priority” for Obama.