Posted on March 14, 2024

Here Come the Haitians!

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, March 14, 2024

And it’s your fault they have to leave home.

Thumbnail credit: © Siffroy Clarens/EFE via ZUMA Press

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Earlier this week, we got this headline: “Haiti’s leader resigns as gangs run rampant through country engulfed in crisis.”

Haiti is, in other words, living up to its characterization in 2018 by then-President Donald Trump as a — let’s paraphrase and say — dung heap of a country.

At the time, Haiti’s foreign minister reportedly asked for “clarification.”

I wouldn’t have thought clarification was necessary, but the perpetual mess that is Haiti is more of a mess than usual. There are bodies in the street, as you can see in the background of this photo.

Credit Image: © Johnson Sabin/EFE via ZUMA Press

Gangs attacked the national prison in the capital, Port-au Prince — this is the main entrance — and also the city prison and loosed nearly 4,000 criminals.

Credit Image: © Siffroy Clarens/EFE via ZUMA Press

There is now so much crime and so little food that people are loading up everything they own and moving away.

Credit Image: © Siffroy Clarens/EFE via ZUMA Press

If they have to, they are leaving on foot.

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Something of which there seems to be no shortage is tires to burn if you want to make a stink, whether literal and political.

Credit Image: © Siffroy Clarens/EFE via ZUMA Press

It may be hard to believe, but under French colonial rule, Haiti was so wealthy it was called the Pearl of the Antilles. It was the richest colony in the world: top producer of sugar and coffee and near the top in indigo, cacao, and cotton. According to this Brown University site, it “outproduced the entire Spanish empire in the Americas.”

In the late 18th century, there were 25,000 whites, 22,000 free blacks, and 700,000 slaves, for a black-to-white ratio of almost 30 to one. In 1791, the slaves revolted and fought the French on and off for 13 years, before finally declaring independence in 1804.

The big man at the time was Jean-Jacques Dessalines, who declared himself emperor for life.

By then, there were only about 5,000 whites left, and he promised to protect them. He changed his mind and ordered them exterminated. Here he is with the severed head of a white woman.

You can order this very print from Walmart. Blacks massacred every white with a few exceptions, such as women who agreed to marry blacks.

You can imagine the unspeakable savagery. The emperor for life was, himself, assassinated two years later.

With blacks in charge, Haiti set a pole-star precedent for places as far away as Detroit, Newark, parts of London and Belgium, Zimbabwe, and South Africa.

Beginning in 1824, white philanthropists paid for about 6,000 freed American slaves to move to Haiti, but the American blacks scampered back to the US after a taste of black rule.

You get a sense of what the place was like from what happened to heads of state. Down the right column we have shot, suicide, died of disease, fled to France, and it continues in that vein right up to 1915.

You see, after poor J. Vilbrun Guillaume Sam was dismembered and left office in pieces, Woodrow Wilson decided enough was enough, and sent in the Marines. We ran the place for the next 19 years, giving it an unequaled period of peace, during which we trained the army and built 189 bridges and 1,000 miles of road.

After we left, Haiti got back to business as usual, and has continued with bumps, large and small, until today. It continues to practice voodoo — that is a bull being bled to death — and there are steady allegations of cannibalism, but Haitians never got around to building a single mile of railroad or limited-access highway.

Credit Image: © Adam Delgiudice/SOPA Images via ZUMA Wire

The latest bumpy patch started in 2021 with the assassination of President Moise Juvenal, the latest big man to come to a sticky end. Here he is on a street mural not far from where he was shot to death in his own bedroom.

Credit Image: © Jose A. Iglesias/El Nuevo Herald via ZUMA Press Wire

A guy named Ariel Henry took over as prime minister, without an election.

Credit Image: © Sarah Yenesel/EFE via ZUMA Press

At first, he promised elections, but then he put them off indefinitely. That didn’t sit well, and there was a shootout with his security detail. One killed, two wounded. Gangs started terrorizing the capital city.

Credit Image: © Johnson Sabin/EFE via ZUMA Press

Mr. Henry then promised elections for 2023, but then he decided the time wasn’t right. The terms of every elected official in the country have therefore expired. No one is in office legitimately, including the prime minister.

Credit Image: © Johnson Sabin/EFE via ZUMA Press

In the power vacuum, gang violence got worse and people started protesting and rioting against Mr. Henry.

Credit Image: © Siffroy Clarens/EFE via ZUMA Press

Here are demonstrators with signs conveniently in English for the media.

Credit Image: © Johnson Sabin/EFE via ZUMA Press

Bodies began to pile up in the streets and there was no one to take them away.

Credit Image: © Johnson Sabin/EFE via ZUMA Press

People built barriers to keep marauders from driving into neighborhoods.

Credit Image: © Johnson Sabin/EFE via ZUMA Press

Believe it or not, this did not stop a three-day frolic for carnival just last month.

Credit Image: © Johnson Sabin/EFE via ZUMA Press

Haitians are partial to their carnival and like to let ’er rip.

Credit Image: © Johnson Sabin/EFE via ZUMA Press

Late last month, Prime-Minister-in-Name-Only Henry flew to Kenya where he met with the president, William Ruto, in the middle, and asked him to send him 1,000 police officers.

Credit Image: © Daniel Irungu/EFE via ZUMA Press

This made Haitians even angrier, because they thought it was a trick for Mr. Henry to stay in power.

Credit Image: © Siffroy Clarens/EFE via ZUMA Press

It was while he was out of town that gang members like these lads got reinforcements by turning loose those thousands of yard birds.

Credit Image: © Maxppp via ZUMA Press

Here’s another look at what is left of the national prison, Haitian flag and all.

Credit Image: © Johnson Sabin/EFE via ZUMA Press

Gangs also attacked police stations around the airport, put some bullet holes in airplanes, and closed the airport.

Credit Image: © Johnson Sabin/EFE via ZUMA Press

Mr. Henry, plucky lad, tried to fly into neighboring Dominican Republic and cross the land border into Haiti, but the Dominicans wouldn’t let his plane land. He diverted to Puerto Rico, where he appears still to be marooned.

Gangs also took over the port and looted containers. Even in the best of times, half the entire country lives on handouts — imported food, doled out by relief agencies. These children, in a picture taken in happier times sitting down to a meal you may have paid for, are probably not being fed.

Credit Image: © Jacqueline Charles/Miami Herald via ZUMA Press Wire

Hospitals have been looted and staff scared off; these two men are lucky to have beds.

Credit Image: © Johnson Sabin/EFE via ZUMA Press

People keep clearing out of Port-au-Prince but this lady who stayed behind took a bullet in the leg.

Credit Image: © Maxppp via ZUMA Press

She reportedly got help, but not the fellow in the red shirt.

Credit Image: © Johnson Sabin/EFE via ZUMA Press

Here’s a story about an American missionary who runs an orphanage through her organization, Love a Neighbor.

She says the shooting never stops. She heard the US embassy had helicoptered out staff and helicoptered in marines, and thought someone might help her. The state department just tells her, “Stay safe.”

Meanwhile, you’ll be glad to know your cruise to Haiti is still on.

You can slip into “vacay mode” in a beauty spot owned by Royal Caribbean, 130 miles north of Port-au-Prince.

“Endless Adventure” is to be had at the resort of Labadee, fenced in and patrolled by armed guards.

“In paradise,” there are “adrenaline-amping adventures everywhere you look.”

If you want adrenaline, hop the fence and go south.

So, what now? Kenya says it’s not sending those 1,000 policemen because there’s no Haitian government to work with, now that Mr. Henry has called it quits.

The US was supposed to stump up $200 million to pay the Kenyans, so this looks like a savings. The last time the UN sent in a force, in 2010, it brought a cholera epidemic that killed thousands.

And what do you know: “UN outraged at sexual abuse by peacekeepers.”

You see, they don’t send white people anymore. It was Nepalese who brought the cholera. One of about 100 Sri Lankan s who were booted out for “sexual exploitation and abuse of minors” said, “What do you expect us to do when the U.N. is providing us with free condoms?”

Meanwhile, this gang leader, Jimmy Cherizier, also known as “Barbecue” for burning his enemies alive, seems to be top dog on the ground, at least for now.

Credit Image: © Orlando Barria/EFE via ZUMA Press

He says he might just take over so he can give the country back to — in his words — “the everyday Haitian beat down by years of abuse, racism and corruption.”

The everyday Haitian wants to come live with you, whitey. Here he is in Mexico, crowding into a migrant shelter, hoping to go north and cross the border.

Credit Image: © Carlos A. Moreno/ZUMA Press Wire

This was in 2022, and the word was out that Joe Biden loves people from dung heap countries.

By last year, the ordinary Haitian — at least if he had $4,000 — was on a charter flight to Nicaragua, lining up to get on a bus heading north.

Credit Image: © Johnny Fils-Aim/Miami Herald via ZUMA Press Wire

He didn’t appear to be worried that Uncle Joe thinks white supremacy is the worst terror threat in America.

These newcomers will join almost a million Haitians already here, who in an ordering of 58 nationalities living in the United States, come in dead last.

They are the poorest people in the country, right after Iraqis and Afghans whom we have helped so successfully over the last 20 years. So, keep an eye out for your Haitian neighbors.

And never forget. The problem is not that Haitians can’t run a country. Don’t you dare even think such a thing. As these geniuses will explain, “Haiti Doesn’t Have a ‘Gang’ Problem, It Has a US Imperialism Problem,” starring Dr. Jemima Pierre.

Who’s more likely to be right? Uncle Jared or Dr. Jemima? Take your pick.