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Civil right is “an unfinished project.”

But Holder says protests of police “racism” were justified anyway.

Should police stop enforcing laws that blacks are more likely to break?

Every city in the US may be guilty.

DOJ couldn’t indict Darren Wilson so it went after the whole department.

He agrees with Al Sharpton.

Waitress: Management thought “black people were lazy.”

He called the Civil Rights Act “the nigger bill” when he was with Southerners.

George Zimmerman Finally Off the Hook


Two-year investigation finds no evidence of “hate.”


Black media group wants to shake down Al Sharpton.

HuffPost tries to defend disparate impact.

Eric Holder: Even Worse Than You Thought


He is a devious, power-hungry, racial zealot.


Black officers were promoted under to a court order that has now been overturned.

Concept of “disparate impact” could be discredited.

A real “dialogue” about race could get you fired.

And its fans love the sign.

Eric Holder has “devoted significant resources” to investigating Darren Wilson.

Racial Quota Punishment, Washington Examiner

Thomas Sowell sees political calculation in all the noise about school suspensions.

Lawsuit says affirmative action holds Asians to higher standards.

Republicans use Voting Rights Act to defend racial gerrymandering.

Profile of Loretta Lynch, Discover the Networks

Pick for Attorney General thinks death penalty has disparate impact.

Black superintendent just established this rule.

He says voter ID laws are “out of step with history.”

Court says the Fair Housing Act does not allow for disparate impact lawsuits.

Civil Rights at School, New York Times

Arne Duncan wants schools to offer advanced courses regardless of student abilities.

Asking about felonies disproportionately screens out non-whites.

But only because the election is coming up soon, not because of the law’s merits.

Claims the law even had “a discriminatory purpose.”

“Disparate impact” is under fire.

Yet another form of discrimination is discovered.

Court could finally rule on “disparate impact.”

Says Cher wanted fewer dark-skinned dancers on stage.

Now every member of the 53-man force will be under the microscope.

Judge is Nelva Gonzales Ramos, appointed by Obama.

A very happy ending for the multi-culties.

Blacks have gotten about as far as they can.

Non-whites claimed they were targeted by security personnel.

He says “this tragedy can give rise to new understanding.”

Administration wants easier lending to non-whites.

Black shoppers claimed discrimination.

Says amnesty would have a “disparate impact” on blacks.

FCC’s Friends and Family Plan, Wall Street Journal

More high-stakes minority set-asides.

She was hired because she was black.

Women are not passing at the same rate as men.

Industry spokesman: Tech firms must “expand the definitions of merit.”

More discrimination to fret about.

Water-Cooler White Nationalism


Getting out the message—safely.


When there is a racial incident all prisoners of that race are locked down.

Company says the government’s inquiries violate the Fourth Amendment.

Federal money comes with strings attached.