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Sotomayor dissents: She wants to correct the “unfortunate effects of centuries of racial discrimination.”

“Anti-discrimination” isn’t enough.

The EEOC uses the same kind of background check for which they were suing a private company.

Schools with admissions criteria are being sued for “discrimination.”

And 59 percent don’t think photo ID laws discriminate.

Baltimore businesses want to remain able to screen criminals early in the hiring process.

A form of freedom of association may be sneaking in through the back door.

Somehow the 13th Amendment justifies federal “hate crimes” legislation.

De Blasio wants $98 million awarded to non-whites who claim written tests were discriminatory.

White employees twice as likely as black employees to get top-level evaluations.

Chinese finally waking up to what “affirmative action” really means.

Screening for felons has a “disparate impact” on non-whites.

Low taxes on homes in NYC were meant to prevent white flight.

Another blow to businesses’ freedom to choose their customers.

He says “These guys never go away. Hatred never, never goes away.”

Pat Buchanan asks what would happen if we repealed civil rights laws.

A complete misunderstanding of the nature of discrimination.

Notes for Revolutionaries


Why the regime must fall.

Review by Jared Taylor

Solution: Affirmative-action lending.

He also says America’s demographic changes “could be a very divisive thing.”

By exactly the kind of thug stop-and-frisk was supposed to control.

Banks pay fines rather than defend themselves in costly lawsuits.

Though only Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana and Georgia would require “pre-clearance.”

This is mostly to protect Muslims and Hispanics from special attention.

“Disparate impact” will now apply to school discipline.

Feds: “Whether or not Ally consciously intended to discriminate makes no practical difference.”

Half of Mississippi’s two percent quarterly income growth was due to the Pigford settlement.

There were 274 non-citizens on the rolls. 17 of them voted.

A single word prompts a British lawsuit.

The return of separate but equal?

White men are not a protected class, so they cannot be “harassed.”

More racial insanity.

“Racism, sexism, ableism, orientation, etc.”

Mt. Holly and “Disparate Impact”, Center for Equal Opportunity

Obama administration, fearing a decision, steered a case away from the Supreme Court.

Texas defends policy of barring felons from certain jobs.

Media would have to file a report on every story they covered.

Race and Fraternities


The last stand for free association.


He doesn’t like lazy whites either.

Schools are “frantically trying to reduce suspension numbers” for blacks.

Justice Dept. says the state’s 200 annual segregation lockdowns are unconstitutional.

Black advertising employee says he was treated in a demeaning manner.

Trying to stop voter fraud is “discrimination.”

They may not be as likely to maintain properties in non-white neighborhoods.

Judge finds “statistical evidence” of discrimination.

Some blacks were disqualified for arrest records.

The restaurants are some of Chicago’s finest.

Some residents say it disproportionately affects blacks.

Hispanics using election law to try to grab power.

“Civil rights” boosters struggle to remain relevant.

Your taxes paid for the lawsuit.