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Only Clarence Thomas voted to uphold the conviction.

Flouts the will of 80 percent of the voters.

New voucher scheme will drive non-whites to the suburbs.

She was once AP’s White House reporter.

Law prohibiting cities from raising minimum wage is “racist.”

Train manager warned them twice they would be kicked off if they didn’t lower their voices.

Non-whites suffer from “a long, sad history of death, false imprisonment, physical and verbal abuse.”

DOJ is threatening “disparate impact” suits for cities that fine non-whites disproportionately.

DOJ promises consent decree won’t “cripple” city finances.

Jamaican immigrant to Canada allegedly disinherited his daughter for miscegenation.

Constitution requires that Indiana accept Syrian refugees.

Meetings were open only to non-whites.

Asians do well academically, but many admissions officers think their personalities are flat.

White man worked for a Hispanic who told him, “I hate white people.”

Whether the city fights the lawsuit or submits to the consent decree, it will pay millions.

The government has squeezed $220 million out of auto lenders to give to non-whites.

And another blow against white men.

Dealerships on average charged blacks and Asians higher interest rates.

NYPD agrees to limit investigations of Muslims.

Congress and the Supreme Court have laid the groundwork for such a plan.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel thinks it’s a good idea.

Election excludes other races.

“A Race Man,” First and Last


Thurgood Marshall’s climb to the Supreme Court.

Review by Raymond Wolters

Women officers said it was discriminatory.

Dean at HBCU was said to be trying to purge all white teachers.

EEOC says company should have made a “reasonable accommodation.”

Hudson Bank will pay $33 million for not opening enough branches in non-white areas.

Black-owned chain reportedly discriminated against a black employee.

How neighborhoods segregate.

Refusing to bake a cake for same-sex marriage is like racial discrimination.

Is a goal of new federal housing rules to increase the pace of gentrification?

Carolina police force fights DOJ and wins.

She’d ruled two earlier exams “discriminatory.”

Analysis says new housing rule is even further-reaching than we thought.

Will give free concealed carry training to patriots.

Goal is equal outcomes in all areas.

Will rich Democrats accept Section 8 housing in their backyards?

Feds will use every possible means to promote integration.

Coaches created a “racially hostile environment.”

“Disparate Impact”and Housing


What the Supreme Court’s ruling means.


“Discrimination” need not be deliberate or even conscious.

Federal incentives would encourage subsidized housing for non-whites in wealthy white areas.

She can wear her head scarf while working at the Abercombie store.

NAACP will make sure $1.6 million “safety plan” doesn’t discriminate against blacks.

Asians say they face discrimination; they are only 21 percent of freshman class.

DOJ will look for “a history of discrimination.”

SPLC is suing a New Orleans school district because too many blacks are being arrested.

Walter Williams on the meaning of true liberty.

New absurdities in the use of statistics to find “discrimination.”

Tough test is likely to be thrown out because of “disparate impact.”