Loyola Law School Professor Argues for Diversity in Interest of Whites at University Lecture

Yetunde Ogunsakin, Red and Black, February 3, 2012

A Loyola Law school professor made the argument to University students that white students could highly benefit from diversity during a lecture at the Chapel Thursday night.

The lecture titled “The Benefits of Diversity for White Students” discussed the opinion that white students receive academic and social benefits from multiracial schools.

“[Parents] should be considering the diversity of schools in a positive way when selecting what school their kids go to,” said Loyola Law professor Robert Garda.

Supporting voluntary integration plans and residential integration, considering diversity when choosing neighborhoods and schools, and questioning school tracking are ways white parents can help their kids achieve “cross-cultural competence,” according to Garda.

He emphasized although there isn’t a consensus on the exact academic benefits white students gain from racially diverse educational environments, cross-cultural competence is one of the social benefits.

Garda said this competence was what Fortune 500 companies looked for in potential employees.

“Their arguments are essentially, ‘We want to hire kids that have been exposed to a wide variety of ideas. We want to hire kids that are comfortable working in a multi-racial workplace, selling products to a multi-racial market and dealing with business partners with a global scale,’” he said.

Garda further expressed the opinion that in recent decades Americans have become increasingly concerned with the academic standards of schools and less concerned about the social benefits schools offer students.


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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jean-Deux/1540915347 Jean Deux

    “cross-cultural competence”?  That’s a stretch even for those gumby liberals, a one-way street if ever there was one.  What Whites can teach blacks is obvious,  but is what ever blacks could teach Whites worth learning? After reading years worth of racial interactions at public schools, I’ve  learned that Whites should get as far away from blacks as possible!

  • http://countenance.wordpress.com/ Question Diversity

    “Cross-cultural competence.”  Translation:  Listening to hip-hop, wearing your hat sideways, speaking Ebonics.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jean-Deux/1540915347 Jean Deux

    I think most people already know how to socially interact  pretty well with black folk.  Don’t  leave your purse laying around the work place,  avoid ghettos, never turn your back on a group of blacks,  never play the “good samaritan” for blacks, etc.

  • Anonymous

    The lecture titled “The Benefits of Diversity for White Students” discussed the opinion that white students receive academic and social benefits from multiracial schools.

    White students will also receive harrassment, accusations of racism at every turn, beat downs, robberies, a massive dose of White guilt and told how evil they are. Not to mention that they are probably there not becauce of their hard work, but that “white privilege” they all seem to have. 

  • Anonymous

    “Supporting voluntary integration plans and residential integration, considering diversity when choosing neighborhoods and schools . . . are ways white parents can help their kids achieve “cross-cultural competence,” according to Garda.”


    A quicker way to achieve “cross-cultural competence” is to stray into a black neighborhood while walking in D. C. as I did in the 70s.” I was absent-mindedly trying to find the public library, when a particularly angry-looking and menacing individual, walking in the other direction, asked me, “You looking for somebody to f*** with?”

    Somehow I got out of that situation, but I did not forget the cultural lesson.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/7RORAJVG7LJJZECDJIILHJBE7U So CAL Snowman

    China is 94% Han Chinese.  China’s lack of diversity and “cross cultural competence” (whatever the hell that is!)  does not seem to stop China from excelling economically in a globalized world……

  • Oil Can Harry

    “…there isn’t a consensus on the exact academic benefits white students gain from racially diverse educational environments…”

    That’s because there ARE none! There are, however, huge benefits from going to all-white schools.

  • Anonymous

    so Cal Snowman;                                                                                                                                                                          Well stated.Keep in mind that China excelling economically is due to the fact that 94 % of all western & european based multi-national industrys are now in China..Lack of diversity in China has not made China an economic power,American & European technology going to China to take advantage of cheap labor is,regardless of the fact they are a communist country.Look at Vietnam.They have been growing stronger economically also ever since our puppets in congress voted to normalize relations with nam so multi-u.s. based corporations could profit there as well from the cheap labor.McCain even voted yes for this,despite the fact that our corporate run media were telling Americans we were fighting in Vietnam to stop the dominoe affect of communism.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Stephanie-Galonska/100000365443540 Stephanie Galonska

    social benefits = White Genocide.  When you can get White People alone, you can a good number of them mix with the non-whites and we all know what that does now don’t we?

    global = No America and No Europe.  Notice how they never talk “global” when it comes to non-white Countries.  It’s always one way.  Always.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JBFGOQQ2RC5YQ6YOCSUPJQGN2U AvgDude

    None of those precious social safety nets that blacks and hispanics love so much would be in existence if not for whites being around to manage them and do the majority of the IT work involved.   Don’t see too many black nor hispanic programmers, DBAs, nor system admins.  There are some, but not many. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_E46TDN3G66VZDQGGD5KHXQUBZQ B

    A gimic, like trying to sell you a pet rock.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Stephanie-Galonska/100000365443540 Stephanie Galonska

      I’m Offended!!!  I had a Pet Rock and I LOVED him too!!!  I made him such a nice home.  Complete with grass and even a few little decorations!  I kept him in a Cigar box but he was happy!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Stephanie-Galonska/100000365443540 Stephanie Galonska

    What is “White Privilege”?

    White Privilege is being forced to help pay for Non-White
    Groups.  Mexicans, Hispanics, Indians,
    Chinese, Japanese, Muslims and Blacks too, all have numerous Groups that seek
    to Help, Promote and Advance ONLY their own but when White People try to do
    it?  It’s “racism”.  That’s your “White Privilege”.

    White Privilege is being forced to be Government Sanctioned
    Discriminated Against for everything from Housing to Education to Jobs.  There’s your “White Privilege”.

    White Privilege is being beat within an inch of your Life by
    Non-Whites on a Daily Basis without Racism being an issue yet we get to be charged
    with “Hate Crimes” for merely speaking out. 
    More “White Privilege”…

    White Privilege is getting to watch your once Beautiful,
    Quiet and Clean Community become infested with non-whites and all their trash, graffiti,
    crime and false cries of “racism” and when you dare to speak out, you get “branded”.  This is the “Privilege” of being White.

    White Privilege is getting to be LITERALLY, the only ones
    who are Expected to Accept without Question. 
    No other group is FORCED to accept other people and their ways EXCEPT
    White People for that “Privilege” only belongs to White People.

    White Privilege is getting to be AUTOMATICALLY having come
    from a Good Family complete with Grandparents, Parents, Stability, Food,
    Clothes, Warmth, Education, Emotional Support and Good Discipline whether they had
    it or not.  “White Privilege” to you
    maybe but a flat out Lie to the rest of us.

    White Privilege is getting to watch your Country be stolen
    from you.  White Privilege is getting to
    be told how you were really never here first so you really have ‘no claim’.  White Privilege is getting to hear how you
    don’t belong.  White Privilege is getting
    made to feel “guilty” for wanting your Country for yourself.

    White Privilege is us accepting the most bizarre and
    backwards religions, traditions and customs while quashing our own and for
    who?  Not us, no, not us, no, we do it
    for you.  That is the “White Privilege”
    you found us fit for.

    “White Privilege” is getting to hear how “Privileged” we are…

  • Anonymous

    My wife’s been working for a Fortune 500 company for 6 years now.  I guarantee you the only portion of these companies voicing these sentiments are the human resources segments made up chiefly of those who hold degrees from their respective universities’ humanities departments.

    The people who actually work in the money-making segments of these companies can scarcely control themselves every time some smug liberal from corporate HQ comes down to lecture them on sensitivity and privilege.  Last time I heard the woman putting on the re-education cam…..excuse me sensitivity training started gushing about Obama in the middle of it all, prompting the head honcho of the district office to actually ask her to move on because the subject matter was unrelated and frankly not professional.  This is extraordinary behavior from the bad schoolchildren; jobs are lost for speaking out at these things.

    Take it from me, I have it on good authority: nobody in any of these companies who actually works in a position requiring some demonstration of merit and productivity looks forward to increasing the diversity of their team.

  • Anonymous

    The phrase “turkeys voting for christmas” springs to mind.

  • Anonymous

    It would be difficult to come up with a better example of liberal la-la land thinking that what the good professor described in the article.

    Btw – apparently it’s much easier to become a professor than it used to be…

  • Anonymous

    “Garda said this competence was what Fortune 500 companies looked for in potential employees.”

    All they are looking for is enough barely competent minorities to satisfy the EEOC. 

  • Anonymous

    Diversity, multiculturalism and political correctness is  being used to destroy E Pluribus Unum in our country. As the different tribal cultures establish themselves in our once united country, conflict will follow as night follows the day. The Balkanization of America is now full blown as Mexicans, muslims and other groups do not assimilate into the American culture. Exceptionalism in America is a hallmark of our once united country adn if we do not right the ship America will be a country that once was.

  • Anonymous

    Would you sample cocain to know its deletorious effects?

  • Anonymous

    “…cross-cultural competence is one of the social benefits.”

    By this does he mean you’ll know what not to say to a black person to set him off?

    One reason I avoid blacks is because I don’t want to hold my tongue on any issue.  I don’t want to mistakenly talk about a family ‘picnic’ and then be accused of participating in a lynching.

  • Anonymous

    (East and South Asians are the exception)…

    They need to stay in Asia, not here. I am sick of “Asian” worshipping whites.

  • Anonymous

    (East and South Asians are the exception)…

    They need to stay in Asia, not here. I am sick of “Asian” worshipping whites.

  • Anonymous

    That is hilarious, because my husband works with a black guy that has made so many blunders, he’s nearly lost the company several major accounts. Why he is still there… well we know why he is still there. I think the company is scared to death to fire him because of his skin color, no matter his incompetence. My husband and another co worker ( a female who has been there a year LESS than him) have been put in charge of baby sitting him pretty much, and going over his work. My poor husband can barely get through the door at home after work without this guy calling needing his help with something.  Both are getting pretty fed up, but what can they do when the higher ups KNOW what’s going on, and continue to make excuses for him?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FWMCMK6U5OWRHYIYJAF2TPFL2U thomas

    Multiculturalism and diversity is an absolute fraud and these liberal elitist know it! Homogeneous
    societies are stronger because the populace shares a common race in which they
    identify as a shared trait. It creates a sense of unity and belonging, as
    opposed to a society based upon multiculturalism and diversity, which creates a
    fragmented populace where the members do not share that common racial unity. Instead
    of making us “stronger” as the multicults like to claim, it makes us weaker and
    prone to racial conflict. It is already happening.

    What you get is a society built upon contention and strife as the various racial entities compete for
    a majority based upon what is best for their racial kin. This creates conflict, contention and no sense of unity as a nation.

    This is exactly where the United States is headed. This country is becoming racially fragmented, with no sense of unity, but rather groups looking out for their own racial interest; often at
    the expense of the nation as a whole.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Stephanie-Galonska/100000365443540 Stephanie Galonska

    I wonder how well you will like them when it is you and yours who have NO access to any of the good Jobs in your very own Country of Birth.

    Wages are depressed 10%.  Is that from Americans in America or your beloved asians?

    Perhaps you should check out IT, the constant mistakes and the depressed wages they “contributed”.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Stephanie-Galonska/100000365443540 Stephanie Galonska


      I’m not talking about Greed here.  I’m talking about Immigration and your love and want for your own Country to be taken over by the Hordes from The East.

      Whites are being pushed out of every important sector in America.  IT, Medical, Science, Teaching, Judicial, Politics, every TOP area is being taken over and they’re doing it via ALL the Anti-White Policies such as Affirmative Action, non-white set-asides, “racism” and of course, through people like you.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jason-Smith/723703293 Jason Smith

    The email address of professor Robert Garda is rgarda@loyno.edu if you wish to respond to his comments.  This man should be debated.