Posted on March 11, 2021

Joe Biden: Already Hard at Work Wrecking the Country

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, March 11, 2021

Let ‘em all in!

Thumbnail credit: Trocaire from Ireland, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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Joe Biden has been president for not even two months but we already see the effect at the southern border. In one touching scene last week, illegals showed up at the San Ysidro crossing wearing matching T-shirts that said “Biden, please let us in.The group got on its knees and prayed. There is no word on whether the president answered their prayers.

Meanwhile, last week saw the first vehicles in the El Centro sector to breach the border wall this year. Surveillance cameras caught the action as smugglers pulled down a section of the 18-foot high wall and drove two vans right through it. One crashed, but without injuries. The other tried to get on a highway and was T-boned by an 18-wheeler. Thirteen of the 25 Mexicans and Guatemalans stuffed into it died and the rest were badly hurt – they are now recovering in hospitals on the US side. The illegals paid up to $10,000 each for the trip.

Reactions varied. Hugo Castro of the border charity SOS Migrantes said, “We are now experiencing the effects of inhumane immigration policies. We need humane immigration reform.” Which means, “let them all in.” Border Patrol Officer Carlos Pitones, noting that there has been a huge rush for the border, said, “Biden is having an effect.”

CBS seems to agree with Officer Pitones, with this headline: “U.S. shelters received more than 7,000 migrant children in February, posing early border test for Biden.” You see, under President Trump, the Border Patrol pitched all illegals it caught right back over the border, including unaccompanied minors. The Biden administration says that was cruel, and in late January announced that if anyone under 18 shows up by himself, he gets free room and board while the government looks for someone in the US to take him in. What a deal! The word got out in a hurry, and in February, 7,000 unaccompanied children showed up – a record for that month. In the first four days of March, 1,500 turned up, and at that rate March will have brought us 11,000 more children looking for a place to stay. What’s it going to be like in April? Or May?

The Biden administration has had to dust off the very shelters that Democrats called inhumane when President Trump used them. Until now, they had been mostly empty, and the beds were spaced way apart because of Covid. Now, because of the crush, the CDC says they can pack children in just like in the pre-Covid days, but everyone will get protective gear and Covid testing, and people who work at the shelters will get emergency vaccinations. Everything will be fine.

Maybe not. The shelters are filling up so fast the Pentagon is trying to get the US Army base in Fort Lee, Virginia, spiffed up so it can be a homeless shelter. Plenty of room for Central American children here.

Do you remember how much trouble the Trump administration got into when whole families of illegals showed up at the border and the Border Patrol housed the children separately from the parents? It’s not a good idea to put children in with adult illegal-immigrants. That’s why we have different places for juvenile delinquents and adult prisoners. But when Mr. Trump separated families, that was a crime against humanity. When the Trump administration stopped letting anyone in, they stopped coming and families stayed together. Ever since Uncle Joe rang the dinner gong, we have tens of thousands of children separated from their families. Where’s the outrage?

Don’t worry. There’s outrage. Immigrant activist Jennifer Nagda says the problem is, and I quote, “the prior administration’s cruel policies.” The Trump policy of keeping everyone out kept families together and the Biden policy is breaking them apart, but it was Trump’s policies that were cruel.

So, what’s going to happen to these children? The Biden people will either find relatives in the US for them to live with or nice shelters run by non-profits because – well –sending them back to their parents would be cruel. They will get a notice to appear someday, in the far off bye and bye, to appear before an immigration judge so they can ask for asylum. They won’t show up.

And let us not forget: Of all the illegal immigrants in this country, who are the ones who are the most petted and feted and treated like heroes? The so-called “dreamers,” who were brought in illegally as children. Every Democrat in America wants them to stay in America and become citizens. And remember why it was so important never to deport them? They were brought here as innocent children! Well, this new batch was pushed across the border as children! Abandoned! That makes them even more deserving.

There are about 700,000 so-called dreamers. Donald Trump tried to treat them as illegal immigrants rather than heroes, but it looks like they’re here for good. The Biden Administration just ordered the FHA to guarantee mortgages for these deportable illegals. Don’t they look happy? And now, we’re getting a whole new batch of illegal immigrant children. If we get 11,000 a month – like we’re fixing to get this month – that will make a little over half a million over the next four years. Another half million we can’t deport. Another half million to feed, house, clothe, and to teach that as soon as they stepped across the border they became noble victims of white supremacy.

While he was at it, Mr. Biden ended two other Trump-era policies: The first was “remain in Mexico,” which made asylum-seekers stay on the other side of the border while we decided whether they were phonies. Uncle Joe says, “Come on in, here’s a bus ticket to Compton, and a personal invitation to an immigration hearing you’ll never attend.”

He has also ended the Trump Safe Third-Country agreement. According to the rules, if you think you have an asylum claim, you are supposed to make it in the first safe county you reach. But these people aren’t fleeing for their lives, so they don’t want asylum in Honduras. They want to come be oppressed by white people in the United States. Uncle Joe says that’s fine, too. Now, anyone from anywhere can show up and say the magic word – asylum – and he’s in. Stick around long enough, and President Kamala Harris is sure to grant amnesty and, presto change-o, your Mixtic gardener becomes a US citizen.

It was pure coincidence, but just last weekend, the New York Times published a cheerful article called “The Robots Are Coming for Phil in Accounting.” It says people with college degrees used to think their jobs couldn’t be automated. Think again. The article cites researchers on artificial intelligence at Stanford and Brookings: “They found that the groups with the highest exposure to A.I. were better-paid, better-educated workers in technical and supervisory roles, with men, white and Asian-American workers, and midcareer professionals being some of the most endangered. Workers with bachelor’s or graduate degrees were nearly four times as exposed to A.I. risk as those with just a high school degree.”

You see, it’s harder for a computer program to lay bricks than to act like a lawyer or doctor. But if you lose your nice, white collar job to a robot, and want to try carpentry, you’ll find that Jose and Pablo already got those jobs.

But don’t worry. “Joe Biden’s got a $4 billion plan to discourage Central American migration at its source.” That’s four billion dollars of your money, by the way, that your president thinks will make these miserable countries such swank spots that no one will want to leave. Four trillion dollars wouldn’t do the job. There are only two things that will stop them coming. Make it impossible to cross the border – that was the Trump method. Or let in so many poor, uneducated, Central Americans – and Haitians and Cubans and Somalis and Bangladeshis – that the United States becomes such a wretched place no one will come. That’s the Biden method.

In November we had a choice.