Posted on July 10, 2024

Former Trump Aide Literally Calls VP Kamala Harris ‘Colored’ in Cable News Hit

Tommy Christopher, Mediaite, July 10, 2024

Former Trump aide and current backer Sebastian Gorka referred to Vice President Kamala Harris as “colored” during a cable news interview while he derided her as a “DEI hire.”


On Tuesday night’s edition of Newsmax TV’s Rob Schmitt Tonight, host Rob Schmitt didn’t bat an eye when Gorka explicitly decoded the term by attacking the vice president as a “DEI hire” seconds before referring to her as “colored”:


ROB SCHMITT: I mean, do these donors really think that Kamala Harris is going to do better in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania than Joe Biden would? I mean, that’s the point, because it can’t. It can’t be anybody else, right?

SEBASTIAN GORKA: Rob, you’re being logical. Stop it. All right. She’s a DEI hire, right? She’s a woman! She’s colored! Therefore she’s got to be good. And at least her brain doesn’t literally freeze in mid-sentence.