Posted on June 3, 2024

Texas Secessionists Celebrate Election Success

James Bickerton, Newsweek, May 30, 2024

Texas independence campaigners have been celebrating after four Republican candidates who signed the “Texas First” pledge, vowing to support a referendum on Texas breaking away from the United States, won state GOP primary contests on Tuesday.

The move significantly increases the chances of a bill calling for a Texas independence referendum being tabled in the Texas Legislature.


On Tuesday, Texas Republicans Andy Hopper, David Lowe, AJ Louderback and Lea Simmons, all of whom had signed the Texas First pledge, won their respective primary runoffs.

Those who sign the Texas First pledge, organized by the secessionist Texas Nationalist Movement (TNM), vow that if elected they will “vote for legislation and resolutions to call for a vote on Texas reasserting its status as an independent nation in every term that I am elected until such a referendum is held.”

They also promise that “if a majority of the people of Texas vote in support of Texas reasserting its status as an independent nation, I pledge to work toward a fair and expedient separation of Texas from the federal government placing the interests of Texans first.”


In another victory for secessionist campaigners Abraham George and D’rinda Randall, both of whom had signed the Texas First pledge, were elected as the Republican Party of Texas’ chair and vice-chair at its convention, which took place in San Antonio between May 23 and 25.