Posted on May 30, 2024

Mississippi Carjackers Ambush Jackson Family on Their Front Lawn and Open Fire

Daily Mail, May 29, 2024

The moment two armed thugs brazenly carjacked a family on their own front lawn while young girls were in the back seat has been caught on camera.

Heather Allen and her family were ambushed while it was still daylight at their home in West Jackson, Mississippi.

The family was about to leave when a shirtless thief and his accomplice suddenly ran on to the lawn and fired a warning shot into the air at about 7.30pm on Friday.

Allen and one of her sons were outside the car and ducked behind it, waving the keys as they scuttled around to keep the car between them and the robbers.

The shirtless man opened one of the back doors and pulled Allen’s daughter out of the car as they demanded the keys.

Still in the car were Allen’s other son and her two very young granddaughters, as one of the carjackers climbed inside.

‘They kept hollering, ‘Give me the keys, give me the keys.’ My daughter was like, ‘My babies, my babies are in the car’,’ Allen told WAPT.

‘He (one of the carjackers) jumps in the driver’s seat, I’m standing on the outside looking in, and he points a gun at my oldest boy’s face.’

Allen’s son jumped out of the car and she went to the other side of the car to open the back door and get her granddaughters as her sons carried them away.

The robbers appeared frustrated with the situation and getting the car, a black Mazda sedan, to start.

Allen decided to resolve the situation by throwing her own keys on the ground so they could take her car instead.

Her gambit worked and the carjackers stole the silver hatchback and sped off the lawn and on to the street.

‘I’m not sleeping. My oldest son, his anxiety is through the roof – he’s even scared. My daughter, she has shock, but they’re safe,’ Allen said.

She said her family was staying out of town and they whole family was making plans to leave Jackson after only moving in three months ago.

The carjackers barely used the vehicle as it was found by police just 40 minutes later just two blocks from their house. It is being checked for fingerprints.

Jackson police Chief Joseph Wade said two suspects were identified, one of whose photo was released, but not yet arrested.

‘I had an opportunity to look at the video of Ms. Allen and her family being robbed and carjacked in their driveway,’ he said.

‘It was extremely disturbing to me. It was very concerning to me because a threat to them and their family is a threat to everyone.’