Posted on May 29, 2024

Boston Council Member Calling for ‘Revolution’ Alarms Liberal Colleagues With Wild Tirades, Threats

Hannah Grossman, Fox News, May 24, 2024

Democratic Boston city council member, who called to “dismantle the White backdrop” in America and “create a revolution,” is starting to disturb her liberal colleagues with her wild antics and threats, according to a source who spoke with Fox News Digital.

The source is a city hall employee, who requested anonymity because council member Tania Fernandes Anderson has created an “unhealthy” environment. The employee believes Fernandes Anderson is a “troubled person,” who uses accusations of racism to get people to fall in line. The source discussed the challenges of having someone in the city’s government who has been – in their view – hostile, verbally abusive and antisemitic.


Fernandes Anderson was elected in November 2021, and is self-described as “the first formally undocumented African born immigrant & first Muslim elected in the city of Boston.”

Since being elected, she stated her goal was to create a “revolution” for “equity.”

“It will be about equity and I hope we don’t have too many disagreements in there,” she said in an interview in December 2021. “I think that systemic racism is long overdue for us to overthrow it in order for us to create a revolution that brings about change.”


During a tirade in August 2022, the council member also called the city council “depraved” and “stupidly racially divided” because of disagreements about redistricting.

“I can’t even call you guys cowards because desperation deserves mercy,” Fernandes Anderson told her colleagues. “Your votes here sometimes are racist… I am here to represent every Black woman and man in the community.”

“What the f— do I have to do in this f—ing council to get respect as a Black woman,” she yelled, while slamming her fist on the table.


Fernandes Anderson said the goal of her manner of speaking relates to the fact that “we should dismantle the White backdrop [in America] and we should restructure it so that it’s welcoming.”


A few days after she took office, and mere days after she completed the city’s conflict of interest training, Fernandes Anderson put her sister and son on payroll, according to the Massachusetts Ethics Commission.

“Anderson admitted to violating the conflict of interest law by hiring her sister and son to paid positions on her Boston City Council staff,” the findings from the ethics commission said.

She infamously refused to swear the oath required of elected officials pledging her allegiance to the United States and to carry out her duties with “impartiality.” The council member was forced to redo the oath after her non-participation was discovered.

Another scandal included her interest in a budget she oversaw that sought to cut $30 million and almost $1 million in funding for the police and veterans, respectively, which she later said wasn’t her fault and blamed other members of the council during a recent hearing. The mayor of Boston vetoed that budget proposal.