Posted on May 15, 2024

Blue State Nowhere Near the Border Is Having to Shell Out Billions Due to Illegal Immigration, Report Finds

Jason Hopkins, Daily Caller, May 8, 2024

A report conducted by a New Jersey lawmaker found that illegal immigrants are costing taxpayers well over $7 billion per year.

New Jersey Republican assemblyman Paul Kanitra released the “Report on the Cost of Illegal Aliens to New Jerseyans” on Tuesday, which gives a comprehensive breakdown of how many illegal immigrants are residing in the state, its costs to taxpayers, and the current state of the border crisis. {snip}

Kanitra’s office estimated that, as of April 2024, there were roughly 894,000 illegal immigrants in New Jersey. Out of a state of just under 10 million, this would equate to nearly 1-in-1o New Jersey residents being an unlawful immigrant.

New Jersey taxpayers spend money every year on housing, legal services, medical care, education, police and fire services, and other general state government services, the report found. Altogether, Kanitra’s office concluded that New Jersey residents are paying $7.3 billion annually to cover the cost of illegal immigrants.


“During my border trip, judges, Border Patrol agents and Texas state troopers unequivocally stated that our actions here in New Jersey are incentivizing and encouraging people worldwide to break our laws and access the taxpayer-funded benefits we’re providing,” Katrina said {snip}