Posted on February 5, 2024

Senate Releases Establishment’s Migration Bill

Neil Munro, Breitbart, February 4, 2024

The Senate has released its long-awaited “border” bill that reportedly increases the inflow of legalized immigrants into Americans’ communities, workplaces, and schools.


Breitbart News has highlighted many of the critical issues that will be carefully read before Schumer’s rush to a scheduled vote on Wednesday.

Central Issues:

Will the bill reduce the inflow of migrants — or just legalize much of Biden’s illegal migration?

Each year, Congress allows  one million legal immigrants and roughly one million temporary workers to enter the country. That inflow is huge compared to the American population, which includes roughly 3.6 million births each year.

The bill reportedly includes some token curbs on Biden’s illegal parole migration, which imported roughly one million migrants into 2023 despite laws limiting the inflow.

This provision may be a sneaky way of expanding the parole inflow, which was limited to roughly 15,000 people a year under Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump.

So the bill may tout minor curbs on migration while actually legalizing Biden’s current inflow of migrants via parole. {snip}

Will there be a provision to ensure that parole migrants leave the country after two years, or will it include various legal loopholes to help them get green cards, bring up their families, and win citizenship?

If the parole workers are forced to leave after a period of work, this giveaway would be a gift of cheap labor to companies seeking to suppress Americans’ wages.


If the parole workers can stay, the border management would dramatically expand legal migration from its current level of one million people per year, much to the disadvantage of American families.

The advocates say the bill ends “catch and release.”

But Sinema said that migrants with children will not be detained at the border. So this supposed curb would be a rollback of current law, which requires that all migrants seeking asylum be held until their asylum pleas are decided. This is a huge court-created loophole that has long been exploited by men who bring their children — and sometimes, other people’s children — to walk out of detention.


Does the legislation overturn court-imposed loopholes, such as the Flores decision?

Much of the nation’s border laws are set by judges. This allows pro-migration groups to break or loophole laws that block the inflow of migrants. For example, California judges say the border agency cannot hold migrants for more than 21 days. But 21 days is too short a time to fully process asylum claims, ensuring that few migrants can be held — as required by Congress’ law — until their claims are decided.

Does the bill curb the abuse of asylum laws?

The advocates say the bill tightens rules for awarding asylum. Perhaps, but it may not curb the alternative “Convention Against Torture” sidedoor that allows migrants to live and work in the United States.

Also, advocates claim the bill is intended to accelerate the process of deciding asylum claims. So if new curbs reduce the approval rate by 50 percent, yet also double the number of processed claims, the number of economic migrants who get asylum will remain at the current level.

Biden’s border chief has established a process, dubbed the “Asylum Officer Rule,” that allows low-ranking government officials to award asylum — and citizenship — during a brief review at the border. The rollout of this new process has been stymied by multiple factors, but if it is approved and funded by Congress, it would allow Biden’s deputies to hire pro-migration advocates who will rubber stamp a myriad of asylum claims without oversight by the nation’s corps of asylum judges.

Does the bill expand white-collar migration into middle-class jobs?

The bill reportedly includes a gift of 50,000 extra green cards per year. This giveaway would be a gift to Fortune 500 to pull in more foreign workers via the various visa worker programs that displace American graduates. {snip}

The bill reportedly allocates 250,00 work permits to the adult sons and children of foreign visa workers. {snip}

The border “Shutdown” trigger

The bill’s advocates are touting a support border-shutdown trigger in the legislation. This is catnip for establishment reporters because it offers them a one-line summary of the legislation that makes Biden look good.

This trigger would happen if 5,000 migrants arrived each day for a week, or if 8,000 arrived in one day. But the terms and conditions may make this shutdown feature toothless.

Worse, the trigger may make it more difficult than under current law for the president to shut down the border in an emergency. If so, that bill would allow Biden to keep importing illegals — while making it more difficult for a future president to slow the inflow.