Posted on January 9, 2024

Migrants’ Pricey Cars Towed Outside Controversial NYC Shelter in Same Area Where They Begged Door to Door

Carl Campanile et al., New York Post, January 6, 2024

These migrants appear to have better rides than some Brooklyn families they’ve been hitting up for cash, food and clothes.

Authorities on Friday night towed at least five unregistered vehicles apparently being used by migrants that were illegally parked outside the city’s controversial tent shelter at Floyd Bennett Field, according to Assemblywoman Jaime Williams (D-Brooklyn)

The wild scene – which Williams caught on video and shared on Facebook — included a white pickup truck with no plates being towed from a grassy lot that is federal parkland to the dismay of at least one migrant seen pleading to gain access to the vehicle.


“This is insane,” Williams fumed to the Post Saturday. “Where did they get the money [to buy vehicles]? {snip}”


Over the past few weeks, residents in Marine Park – a predominantly working class, blue-collar neighborhood  — have openly complained about asylum seeker families showing up on their doorsteps asking for spare change and other aid. Some previously told The Post they fear for their safety.