Posted on January 5, 2024

Houston Grand Jury Declines to Charge Man Who Shot and Killed Robber Inside Taqueria

Andrew Mark Miller, Fox News, January 3, 2024

A grand jury in Texas has decided not to charge a man who shot and killed a robber inside a Houston taqueria last year.

A grand jury decided on Wednesday that it will not charge a man who shot and killed 30-year-old Eric Eugene Washington, according to a press release from the Harris County District Attorney’s Office, after Washington entered the El Ranchito taqueria in January 2023 while flashing what appeared to be a gun and robbing the residents inside in an incident that was captured on video.


The armed customer, described by Houston police as a White or Hispanic male, fired at least nine shots from behind at the suspect who dropped to the ground and died.

Police later determined that the gun was a fake plastic pistol and asked for the public’s help locating the man before the case was eventually sent to a grand jury by Houston’s progressive George Soros-backed prosecutor Kim Ogg.


Others argued that the man’s actions were a legitimate form of self-defense and that he had reasonable cause to believe his life was in danger.

“As long as the individual, this armed Samaritan, believes that the firearm was real or could have been real, that’s what is important, not the actual nature of it,” Houston criminal defense attorney Sean Buckley told Fox News Digital last year.