Posted on January 4, 2024

Biden Floods Small Wisconsin Town with 1,000 Migrants

Neil Munro, Breitbart, January 3, 2024

President Joe Biden’s migration has flooded almost 1,000 poor Latino migrants into the poor college town of Whitewater, Wisconsin, according to a plea by the city’s police department.

“Their arrival has put great strains on our existing resources, ” says the letter to Biden by the city manager and police chief of the 15,000-person city:

Communicating with an immigrant population that generally speaks only Spanish has been a challenge we’ve worked to overcome by the use of costly translation software. We have found approximately three times the number of unlicensed drivers on our roadways compared to previous years. This occupies much of their time and takes away from our ability to serve in other aspects.

Our officers have also seen first-hand the terrible living conditions that many migrants are living in. We’ve seen a family living in a 10’x10’ shed in -10-degree temperatures. We’ve seen many over-occupied apartments that create non-familial living situations, which unfortunately has led to a number of situations involving juvenile victims of sexual assault.

We’ve also encountered a significant trust barrier between the immigrant population and law enforcement. In many cases this has led to individuals providing false documents and misleading our staff, which further increases our time involved in investigating cases. Finally, our law enforcement staff have responded to a number of serious crimes linked to immigrants in some manner including the death of an infant child, multiple sexual assaults, and a kidnapping.

“Our [police] department averaged 2,437 self-initiated traffic stops annually from 2010–2021 … in 2023, we are on pace for 1,246 [traffic stops],” said the letter, which is signed by police chief Daniel Meyer and city manager John Weidl.

The city is asking Biden to offset his damage with taxes from the nation’s taxpayers:


The town was poor even before the arrival of Biden’s 1,000 Nicaraguan and Venezuelan migrants.

“Whitewater also has one of the higher rates of people living in poverty in the nation, with 33.56% of its population below the federal poverty line,” according to Biden’s migrants will drive up housing costs, push down wages, and take jobs from the locals who are older, alienated, sicker, or damaged by drugs.

But Biden’s migration has also inflicted a crime wave on the city, which gets a “D” rating at

In November, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) met with local officials to spotlight the growing role of the drug cartels in the once-quiet town. reported:

The lawmakers were joined by law enforcement officials from both Whitewater and Walworth County to provide an analysis to community members on how the presence of drug cartels in rural areas is plaguing cities across the state. Whitewater Police officials confirmed they had documented nearly $250,000 was funneled through the City of Whitewater back to drug cartels over a four-month period.


Migration also threatens the city’s ability to help educate locals. Roughly half the kids in the city’s high school are already classified as poor, and roughly one-third are Hispanic.

The city also has a housing shortage that is being worsened by poverty and the arrival of migrants — much to the advantage of local landowners.

Whitewater’s problems match the migration-created problems in Chicago, New York, Denver, Boston, and Rockland County, just outside of New York City.