Posted on December 6, 2023

Senate Republicans Stage Walkout Against Biden’s Open Borders

Neil Munro, Breitbart, December 6, 2023

GOP Senators walked out of a classified briefing on Ukraine in an unprecedented and very public rejection of the Democrats’ support for President Joe Biden’s $14 billion plan to import more migrants.

“Senators also shouted at [Senate Majority leader Chuck] Schumer, “ask your mayor!” pointing to migrant issues in NYC,” said a Tuesday report by a PBS journalist, adding:

At one point a senator said to Sec. of State [Antony] Blinken, “you need to tell this to the President – you need to make him understand” where Republicans are [politically and], how furious they are about the border.

The walkout came a day before the planned Wednesday vote on the $107 billion spending package.

The package would fund Israel’s counter-attack against Hamas and provide $61 billion for Ukraine’s stalled war with Russia until after the November election. It would also give $14 billion for Biden’s plan to expand, accelerate, and hide his massive inflow of migrants.


The GOP’s vehement demands for border reform are welcomed by immigration experts who are skeptical about the GOP’s willingness to fight their wealthy donors’ demands for more wealth-shifting migration.

“Maybe it’s a Christmas miracle,” said Robert Law, the director of the Center for Homeland Security and Immigration at the America First Policy Institute. {snip}


But there is some evidence that the Senators are planning to betray the GOP voters once the politicians get some positive, pre-election P.R. for their apparent support of popular border reforms.

For example, Sen. Thom Tillis (R-N.C.), is one of three GOP Senators who is drafting a compromise deal with Democrats.

He is now reassuring business groups that a Senate plan will allow Biden to import more workers via the “CNHV” parole program. The program is importing roughly 360,000 workers a year from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Venezuela each year, even though it was not approved by Congress.

“It’s not even coming up” in the talks, Tillis told Semafor on December 5. “We know we have to have a safety valve.”

Tillis has a long record of backing laws that would provide employers with endless cheap foreign workers.

The CNHV program — and similar programs for other economic migrants — is a “Golden Opportunity” for CEOs and donors because it creates an extra supply of workers. Those fresh workers will eagerly and rationally replace Americans who demand higher wages, better treatment, or more investment in high-tech machinery.

Critically, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has done little to curb migration during his career. {snip}


But for now, McConnell says Ukraine will not get any cash until Democrats agree to accept the GOP’s border reforms. On Tuesday, he dismissed Schumer’s plan to approve the overall funding in a Wednesday vote {snip}


Some Democrats want to make a deal, according to a report by the Associated Press:

“There is a fundamental shift in the Democratic Party on immigration” that has happened within the past six months, as the number of migrants in those cities has swelled, said Muzaffar Chishti, a senior fellow and director of the Migration Policy Institute office at New York University’s law school.

Before, Democrats would bristle at any potential discussion over the border, particularly following Trump. But Chishti added: “That’s no longer true. Their backs don’t go up when they see someone saying we want to make some changes in the policies at the border.”

But the Democrats are being pushed away from a compromise by pro-migration Senators, donors, and the vast network of investor-funded groups that claim to speak for migrants.