Posted on December 19, 2023

Biden’s Open Border’s Policy Smashes Public Support for Migration

Neil Munro, Breitbart, December 19, 2023

President Joe Biden’s supercharged effort to import more migrant workers, consumers, and renters has crashed public support for legal and illegal migration.

The political result is widespread public recognition that the 1965 “Nation of Immigrants” narrative is damaging the ability of ordinary Americans to live the decent middle-class life that was common before the government’s 2008 housing crash.

Only 26 percent of Americans approve of Biden’s immigration policy, and 69 percent oppose his policy, according to a November-December survey of 803 adults from Monmouth University Polling Institute.

Forty-seven percent of  Democrats and 67 percent of racial minorities dislike his policy.

A Fox News poll of 1,007 voters in December showed that 55 percent of GOP voters — and 37 percent of all swing voters — believe legal immigration hurts the United States. Another 8 percent of GOP supporters in the December poll say legal migration can hurt the nation, depending on the issue. Just 35 percent of GOP voters think legal immigration helps the country.

Biden’s immigration policy to voters is also threatening to overtake inflation as a top concern, according to a Harvard CAPS Harris Poll taken in mid-December. Twenty-eight percent told the pollsters that immigration is their top issue — while 33 percent said inflation was their top priority.

The economy slipped to third priority, at 23 percent. The poll did not ask Americans if they think immigration spurs inflation, such as the price of housing.

His migration policy is also helping more drugs get into the country, according to 57 percent of the Harvard poll respondents.

The wave of bad polls is forcing Biden to revamp his pro-migration policies.

This month, his deputies are negotiating a closed-door deal that would allow them to claim that the GOP legislators forced them to reduce the chaotic inflow of economic migrants through the asylum loophole on the border.


Among Democrats, 49 percent say illegal migration has decreased or stayed the same during Biden’s term, according to the Harvard poll.

Once informed of Biden’s massive inflow, 70 percent of respondents called for “new, stricter policies” and 57 percent said they prefer Trump’s border policies.

For now, a 52 percent majority in the Harvard poll said illegal migration is a “very serious” issue.


In October, a 54 percent majority of Americans said Biden’s immigration is making life harder for all, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll of 4,415 adults. That was up 6 points from a similar poll in July. Just 34 disagreed, including just 29 percent of independents.

Forty percent of Americans want less migration, up from 19 percent in January 2021, according to a Gallup poll released in February 2023. The 40 percent includes 71 percent of Republicans, 36 percent of independents, and 19 percent of Democrats, according to the poll, which did not describe the scale of Biden’s migration.

This year, a June 3-6 poll by YouGov asked 1,500 citizens: “In general, do you think immigration makes the U.S. better off or worse off?”  A 36 percent plurality of all respondents said immigration — legal and illegal — makes the country “worse off,” while just 31 percent said immigration makes the nation “better off.”