Posted on November 21, 2023

DHS Chief Mayorkas Warns Agents Not to Misgender Border Crossers, but Ask Their Preferred Pronouns

Neil Munro, Breitbart, November 20, 2023

President Joe Biden’s border chief is now ordering border guards not to presume the correct sex and corresponding pronouns for illegal migrants.

We just obtained [Customs and Border Patrol agency] documents directing personnel to only use woke language when encountering individuals invading the United States,” a tweet from the Oversight Project at the Heritage Foundation reads.

The order from border chief Alejandro Mayorkas directs border guards to ignore the biological distinction between the two complementary sexes. Instead, officers must submit to the political claim that each person’s “gender” is more important than their biological sex and so must allow people to sneak across the male/female border under the disguise of “transgender” pronouns.

The instructions say:

If a longer dialogue [with a migrant] is occurring, it may be appropriate to ask the individual their preferred pronoun.

For example, state “I would like to be respectful — what name and pronoun would you like me to use when addressing you”?

Avoid asking ‘What is your sex?” unless operationally necessary.


Use “he, him, she, her” pronouns until you have more information about, or provided by, the individual.

Mayorkas has directed border guards to open the border to more than six million migrants since early 2021.

But his pronoun policy also directs them to zealously guard the sexual identities of individuals who illegally cross America’s borders; the instructions say:  “LGBTQI+ status should be kept confidential.”