Posted on October 10, 2023

Lawyer Claims NYC Teen Charged in Poet Slaying Is ‘Great Kid’ Who Wasn’t ‘Looking for Trouble’

Rebecca Rosenberg, Fox News, October 6, 2023

A lawyer for a teenager charged with randomly stabbing a New York City poet to death and then spitting in his girlfriend’s face claimed his client is a “good kid” who wasn’t “looking for trouble.”

Brian Dowling, 18, was arraigned Thursday night for the caught-on-camera murder of Ryan Carson in front of his girlfriend, Claudia Morales, on Monday after the pair left a wedding.

Video surveillance shows a man police have identified as Dowling bark at Carson, “What the f— are you looking at?” and “I’ll kill you,” then stab him three times as he tries to flee.

“It’s pretty clear when you look at the video, he wasn’t out there looking for trouble but was in the middle of an episode, and in that episode things unfolded,” attorney Kenneth Montgomery told Fox News Digital.

“That person had anger issues, and it spilled into something else.” The lawyer would not directly confirm his client was the man in the footage.

“I do know this young man comes from a good family, and I can’t imagine him not being remorseful for something like this if the facts are what they say they are [and he did this],” the attorney added. “He is a great kid but clearly may have some mental health issues.”

After Dowling was arrested Thursday, he sobbed as he was escorted from the 81st Precinct to a waiting police cruiser. Once inside the car, the tears continued to roll down his face.

That night he appeared before Judge Joshua Click in Brooklyn Criminal Court, glancing at his shaken parents in the gallery.

Dowling is accused of knifing 31-year-old Carson “without provocation” at a Brooklyn bus stop early Monday, Assistant District Attorney Jordan Rossman told the court, the New York Post reported.

Montgomery argued that his client has no criminal record, isn’t a flight risk and deserves bail, which Glick denied.