Posted on September 27, 2023

Governor Hochul Deploys National Guard to Assist with New York Migrant Crisis

Caroline Downey, National Review, September 25, 2023

New York governor Kathy Hochul announced Monday that she will deploy additional National Guardsmen to help manage the migrant crisis overwhelming New York City and much of the surrounding area.

An additional 150 National Guardsmen will be mobilized to help process the massive number of migrants entering the state each week, bringing the total number of guardsmen assigned to work on New York’s migrant crisis to 2,200.

Hochul said 250 National Guard members will be tasked solely with case management, much of which will focus on helping eligible Venezuelans apply for Temporary Protected Status and work authorization.

The Biden administration announced last week that it will grant temporary legal status to nearly half-a-million illegal immigrants from Venezuela so they can work, citing political instability in their home country. “Now that we have the opportunity granted by President Biden to help the Venezuelans who came before July 31st be able to apply for temporary protective status and what follow that literally with the same application, is the work authorization, that coveted work authorization,” Hochul said at a press conference.

“The National Guard has already been working to survey them,” she said of the migrants looking to work in the state. {snip}


Over 116,000 migrants have arrived in NYC since the spring, when border states began busing migrants to blue “sanctuary cities” {snip}