Posted on September 10, 2023

Convicted Illegal Alien Killer Escaped Prison by Scaling Wall

John Binder, Breitbart, September 7, 2023


On August 31, 34-year-old illegal alien Danelo Cavalcante of Brazil escaped from Chester County Prison less than three weeks after having been convicted of murdering 33-year-old Deborah Brandao in front of her seven-year-old daughter and her three-year-old son in April 2021. Cavalcante received a sentence of life without parole.

{snip} The illegal alien stabbed Brandao multiple times in front of her two children after she threatened to tell local police that Cavalcante was wanted in Brazil for a murder he allegedly committed in November 2017.

Newly released footage from the prison shows Cavalcante scaling a brick wall without being noticed by guards or other inmates. Once having scaled the wall, officials said Cavalcante climbed over razor wire, likely cutting himself, and escaped.