Posted on September 29, 2023

California Shoplifter Returns to Store to Ask For Dropped Phone Back

Amelia Neath, The Independent, September 29, 2023

A woman accused of shoplifting around $600-worth of merchandise from a nail supply store returned to the scene of the crime only minutes later to ask for the phone that she dropped.


The video shows two women – identified as Kaydrianna Hall, 24, and Serenadi Banks, 19 – running out of the store with a haul of unpurchased nail supplies.

The two shoplifters

The two shoplifters

The cashier and the store owner run out after the women but return empty-handed.

Moments later, one of the women returns, apparently to ask for her phone back after she dropped it during her quick escape with the stolen goods.

The phone had both her California driver’s licence and her credit card in its case.

After being offered the phone if she gave the merchandise back, she lunges towards the store owner and knocks him to the ground.

She then turns to the cashier, who is heavily pregnant, and roughs her up by pushing her around.