Posted on September 13, 2023

Biden’s DHS Leaves Miles of Border Wide Open as Migrant Crossings Spike

Randy Clark, Breitbart, September 12, 2023

With more than 22,000 migrants being held in custody, a source within U.S. Customs and Border Protection says the Border Patrol is being forced to cut routine patrols along the border. In some areas, highway inspection checkpoints have been closed to accommodate another increase in the number of migrant crossings. On Monday alone, the agency apprehended more than 7,700 migrants nationwide.

The source says Border Patrol agents are increasingly assigned strictly to duties related to accommodating large groups of migrants who are surrendering in hopes of being released into the United States. The agents are relegated to processing, transporting, and releasing the migrants to non-government shelters in many cases.

In the Texas border sector of Del Rio, agents left swaths of the border, nearly 40 miles wide, without patrols, the source stated. {snip}

In the Tucson Border Patrol Sector, agents assigned to patrol remote desert and mountain areas have been reassigned to a nearby processing center. {snip}


Accommodating the large migrant groups routinely surrendering near many border cities is daunting. Border Patrol agents have been relegated to replenishing water supplies to offer the surrendering migrants during the latest heatwave. Breitbart Texas observed agents assisting the migrants to collect left-behind garbage in a futile attempt to keep up with the tons of garbage left behind once the migrants crossed the border.

The source says other DHS volunteers and detailed officers are also pitching in. In Lukeville, the source says Homeland Security Investigations special agents have been relegated to driving transport vans to take migrants to a local processing center.

“These special agents are trained to investigate complex criminal cases involving human smuggling, child pornography, and the illegal importation of narcotics,” the source stated.

“We’ve got them driving vans. The whole situation here is beyond belief,” the source emphasized.