Posted on August 30, 2023

Hundreds of Kids Fight and Attack Cops Outside Two AMC Theatres in Boston

Emma James, Daily Mail, August 28, 2023

Hundreds of teenagers started a brawl outside of two theatres in Boston following a $4-movie day offer – which caused one to be evacuated.

Police arrested a total of 13 children between the ages of 12 and 17 in the two incidents during National Cinema Day on Sunday.

AMC Theatres were offering tickets to any movie of their choosing for just $4, which ended in a mass melee of teens.

Cops were forced to block off District Avenue in Dorchester after multiple businesses were forced to close early for the night.

Moviegoers claimed that they had to evacuate the theater, after a large group of juveniles was involved in a fight.

Boston Police arrested eight teenagers – two aged 12, four aged 14, and two aged 17, during the fracas at an AMC theatre in South Bay.

A spokesman said: ‘Officers observed the large group of juveniles causing disturbances. Multiple Juveniles failed to disperse from the area and became confrontational with officers.

‘As officers attempted to apprehend suspects, they were met with resistance by other juveniles who began to assault officers. Officers requested assistance from multiple Districts and the Massachusetts State Police.’

Shoppers clam that they saw many theatre-goers turned away after the crowds of teens grew too big for AMC and mall staff to handle.

One told CBS News: ‘When we went to the movie theater, AMC, they were guarding the door.

‘They said they had shut down everything and that we would get an automatic refund for our tickets.’

A second fight broke out close to the AMC Boston Common movie theatre, with one teenager jumping on top of a car and stomping on the roof.

Officers were forced to break up ‘multiple fights’ as kids surrounded them, swore and attacked them.

Police said in a statement: ‘An officer was pushed to the ground and was continuously punched and kicked by the group.

‘A responding officer attempted to help, was also assaulted by the group to include a juvenile jumping on the officer’s back and placing the officer in a chokehold.’

Five teenagers were arrested during the second incident, aged 13, three aged 14 and one aged 16.

All of those arrested by Boston cops are expected to be arraigned in Boston Juvenile Court.

Target stacked up shopping cars behind the glass door to prevent anyone from breaking in during the mass fight.

Officers were seen on footage trying to calm the crowds, who spilled out onto the streets after staff became overwhelmed.

It comes two weeks after three 13-year-olds were arrested after attacking a shopper, and a fourth was arrested for interfering with a police officer and resisting arrest.