Posted on July 17, 2023

NYC Mayor Eric Adams Says He’s ‘the Symbol of Black Manhood’ in Epic Rant

Rich Calder, New York Post, July 15, 2023

Mayor Eric Adams declared himself “the symbol of black manhood in this city, in this country” during a speech last week at a Brooklyn church, where he again defended his outsized reaction to a 84-year-old Holocaust survivor {snip}

Hizzoner’s comments came Sunday at the Christian Cultural Center in Starrett City, as he continued to allude to his June 28 exchange with housing-rights advocate Jeanie Dubnau, whom he compared to a plantation owner at the town hall meeting after she “disrespected” him by griping about new rent increases for rent-stabilized apartments citywide.

Adams didn’t mention Dubnau by name — but it appeared he was talking about their exchange when he brought up a story he’s repeatedly told about how his late mother, Dorothy, who cleaned houses for a living {snip}

“She would say it was my job to clean your garbage pail — not to take your crap. And she would say to me, ‘baby don’t you ever let someone disrespect you,’” he said during his 10-minute talk.


Adams – who also used to event to continue his onslaught of a New York press corps he believes covers him unfairly — then boasted: “I’m the symbol of black manhood in this city, in this country and what it represents. I am the mayor of the most powerful city on the globe and people need to recognize that.”