Posted on July 24, 2023

Moviegoer, 63, Suffered Broken Nose in Brutal Attack Over Seat in Florida AMC Theater

Richard Pollina, New York Post, July 23, 2023

The moviegoer who was brutally beaten over a seat at a Florida theater earlier this month said he suffered a broken nose as his attacker “just went to town,” according to a report.


The 63-year-old victim, who wished to remain anonymous, and his wife purchased VIP tickets for ‘Insidious: The Red Door’ at the AMC Pompano Theater in Florida on July 10, which included advanced seat selection.

The victim said he “politely” asked a couple who had sat in his seats to move moments before the confrontation became physical.

According to NBC Miami, the man cut his losses and started to look for a seat elsewhere while the aggressor “just kept staring.”

“As I’m walking away, he said ‘go run to your wife little boy,” the victim told the outlet. “I turned around and I said ‘you know I’m not the one who’s being a little boy, you took my seats and you didn’t apologize or you didn’t say thank you and I let you keep them.’”

Witnesses told police the alleged attacker became hostile and aggressive {snip}