Posted on July 21, 2023

Majority of College Students Favor Reporting Professors for ‘Offensive’ Opinions: Poll

Lexi Lonas, The Hill, July 19, 2023

Both conservative and liberal college students believe they should report a professor if they say something they find offensive, according to a survey from the Sheila and Robert Challey Institute for Global Innovation and Growth at North Dakota State University exclusively shared with The Hill Wednesday.

Overall, 74 percent of all students say professors should be reported for saying something found offensive, while 26 percent disagree.


One section of the survey gave statements to test which opinions students might believe a professor should be reported.

It found 40 percent of all students believe a professor should be reported if they say “there is no evidence of anti-black bias in police shootings.”


“What I found alarming was students’ willingness to report professors for stating opinions or facts. This year’s survey clarified that they aren’t talking about hate speech or harassment. An astounding 65 percent are in favor of reporting professors for stating opinions or facts about affirmative action, police shootings, vaccines, guns, and gender,” said John Bitzan, author of the survey.