Posted on June 19, 2023

California Teacher Suspended for Allegedly Targeting White Students on Basis of Race, Gender

Elizabeth Troutman, Fox News, June 15, 2023

A San Francisco school district suspended a teacher for discriminating against White male students, according to California Public Records Act documents obtained by Fox News Digital.

Nicole Noel Henares allegedly asked White male students in her high school English class to stand up and answer if they “felt like a minority” during the 2022 fall semester.

Henares’ actions made the Lowell High School students feel “confused, sad and that there was no correct answer for them in that moment,” they said in interviews with the district.

After a parent submitted a complaint, the San Francisco Unified School District placed Henares on paid administrative leave, starting Sept. 15, 2022, to conduct an investigation before assigning her Dec. 12 to a 15-day unpaid suspension to be served Dec. 13 to Jan. 12.


The teacher allegedly admitted to singling out the White male students “out of frustration and anger” in investigative interviews Oct. 14 and Nov. 10. She claimed the students dominated the class conversation, pushing her to single them out, but the students present denied this.