Posted on May 11, 2023

Mayorkas: Americans’ Priorities Are Subordinate to ‘Nation of Immigrants’

Neil Munro, Breitbart, May 10, 2023

President Joe Biden’s border chief Alejandro Mayorkas was asked Wednesday if his huge and growing inflow of economic migrants is good for Americans’ wages and rents, and he replied that this is a “Nation of Immigrants.”

The Cuban-born, pro-migration border chief took a few procedural questions from picked journalists when he presented part of his new plans to import more migrants into Americans’ workplaces and neighborhoods. “Our president has led the largest expansion of legal pathways ever,” Mayorkas said to a mostly empty press room.

But Breitbart News asked about the fairness of Mayorkas’s maximum-migration policies for ordinary Americans at a time of sliding wages, rising rents, and expanding civic chaos:

BBN: How do Americans gain from the immigration paths you are opening, sir? No [journalists] ever asks, “Do Americans gain from all the immigrants who you bring in — [even though] wages get pushed down, rents get pushed up.”

Mayorkas: Sir, we are a nation of immigrants. And we are a nation of laws. Individuals who qualify for relief under our laws have a basis to remain in the United States. The contributions of immigrants to this country is quite clear.

The Biden migration has added at least six million people — including four million workers — to the nation’s population. That inflow is roughly three migrants for every four American births. Millions more are expected after Mayorkas lifts the Title 42 border barrier on May 11.


Mayorkas is a pro-migration zealot.

“I am, to a great extent, aligned with the expectations” of the immigrant community, Mayorkas told an audience at the Aspen Institute on July 2022.

He has said his border management is “all about achieving equity, which is really the core founding principle of our country.” Mayorkas’ demands imply equity between U.S. citizens and foreign citizens, and he has opened many loopholes for millions of economic migrants to cross into the United States.

Amid the massive inflow of roughly 2 million global economic migrants in 2022, Mayorkas insists the border is “secure,” and rejects any criticism of his deadly, elite-backed wealth-shifting policies. “We cannot have the rights and the needs of individuals who are seeing humanitarian relief in the United States be exploited for political purposes,” he told ABC News on January 1.

In February 2023, Mayorkas said Congress’ laws are less important than his pro-migration priorities. “Our goal is to achieve operational control of the border … [with] policies that really advance the security of the border, and do not come at the cost of the values of our country,” he said.

Mayorkas claimed on April 27 that his policy offers carrots and sticks to migrants:

We are building lawful pathways for people to come to the United States without resorting to the smugglers. At the same time. We are imposing consequences on those who do not use those pathways and instead irregularly migrate to our southern border.

But that humanitarian pitch is tied to a promise of cheap labor for business investors. On December 13, for example, Mayorkas told

Our immigration system as a whole is broken. It hasn’t been updated or reformed in more than 40 years. We look to our partner to the north that has a much more nimble immigration system that can be retooled to the needs at the moment. For example, Canada is in need of 1 million workers and they have agreed that in 2023, they will admit 1.4 million … immigrants to fill that labor need that Canadians themselves cannot. We are stuck in antiquated laws that do not meet our current needs. And they haven’t been working for many, many years.