Posted on April 12, 2023

Morgan State Tearing Down Divisive Wall With Racist Roots in Northeast Baltimore

Stephon Dingle, CBS Baltimore, April 11, 2023

More than 80 years after it was constructed as a symbol of racial division, the so-called “spite wall” in Northeast Baltimore has come crumbling down.

For members of Morgan State University, the demolition is a significant marker of progress.

The wall, which has long been a symbol of racism, was built in the 1930s to separate the predominantly white neighborhood from the historically Black college.

“This wall occupies a central part of the history of Morgan State University in Morgan, moved to this site in 1917 and this whole community was all white,” said David Wilson, President of Morgan State University.  “It became known as the hate wall, the spite wall because the neighbors who erected this wall to prevent Morgan students from literally walking across the street into the neighborhood and into the shopping center.”