Posted on March 6, 2023

Zac Stacy’s Ex-Girlfriend Says He Deserves Chance to ‘Be Better’ as He’s Jailed for Domestic Abuse

Julia Moore, People, February 28, 2023

Former NFL player Zac Stacy has been sentenced to six months in jail and one year of probation following a 2021 attack on his ex-girlfriend, Kristin Evans.

The attack — captured on home surveillance cameras and shared online by Evans and a friend in November 2021 — showed her being thrown into a TV and onto the floor by Stacy in front of their son, who was five months old at the time.


Earlier this month in Orange County, Florida, Stacy, 31, pleaded guilty to two charges of criminal mischief, and as a result of his plea, the battery charges against him were dropped {snip}


Despite this, Evans, who shares son ZJ with Stacy, spoke out in response to the sentencing on Instagram Tuesday morning, advocating for mental health treatment rather than jail time.

“People who are willing to put in work to be better, deserve an opportunity to show that they can be better,” she wrote in the video’s caption.

Evans said that at first, following the attack in 2021, Stacy “showed no signs of remorse and he ran to another state, so I released the videos so he would get arrested.”

In the time since then, however, she said the former NFL running back had made significant improvements to his life.

“He decided to change,” said Evans. “Through cognitive behavioral therapy, he was able to make a significant adjustment in his behavior and communication. And over the last six months, he’s consistently shown an improvement as well as our son enjoying spending time with him.”


In the days following the circulation of the video of the attack in November 2021, Evans spoke to WESH about the experience and confirmed that she was the woman abused in the alarming video footage.

“The physical abuse began in May,” she said at the time. “I didn’t report it. I was pregnant at the time. {snip}”