Posted on March 22, 2023

Black NYC Subway Passenger Hurls Vile, Unprovoked Anti-White Racist Abuse at Young Couple

Ruth Bashinsky, Daily Mail, March 21, 2023

A black NYC subway passenger was filmed hurling vile racist abuse at a white couple and their toddler son.

Disturbing footage shows the terrified couple and their toddler sitting on the moving train as the man, standing opposite them wearing a black hat, headphones and holding a Target bag, is seen screaming at them for no apparent reason on Monday.

The unnamed assailant’s abuse became increasingly unhinged despite his victims’ attempts to ignore them, and he ended up screaming in their faces while insulting their child.

‘Take em’ back to Europe ya’ll…gay a** gorilla … shut up… I don’t care about your ugly a** kids and your race…shut up … f*****g plastic a** body… I don’t care about you … you white monkey,’ he spews as he inches closer.

The couple tries to disengage as the mother is seen picking up her child and clutching them tightly as the assailant strikes, ‘I am going to look younger than him by the time he’s my age.’ Despite the vile abuse, the couple do a convincing job of ignoring it, and continue to avoid looking at their assailant, even as the slurs intensify.

It is unclear where the train was headed, but no other passengers were being verbally attacked as the man’s hate-filled rant continued. ‘You are dog in this country, shut up… I am black American,’ he says as he raises his hand, ‘I am over you.’

The assailant in the attack was not named and it is unclear if the couple filed a police report after the terrifying incident.

The clip was subsequently shared on Twitter, with users claiming the same man had previously been filmed abusing Asian passengers.

‘Subways and all forms of public transport are no-go zones, this family learned the hard way.’

The post has garnered nearly 421,000 views with many sparking comments about race, segregation, guns and the safety of New York City.

‘That’s the same guy I saw on a video a few weeks ago harrassing an Asian girl. Just a sick person,’ someone wrote.

Another recognized the menacer: ‘Wait I think he is also the one throwing racial slurs to Asians and Hispanics. Guess black supremacy doesn’t even hide any more lol.

Another added, ‘So much hate. If the races in this were reversed, would a hate crime have been committed?’

Despite the disturbing encounter, crime on New York’s subways is dropping, after a common-sense approach was adopted by the Big Apple’s new Mayor Eric Adams.

Adams, a former cop and centrist Democrat, has flooded the network with NYPD officers, and vocally supported them – in marked contrast to his progressive predecessor Bill DeBlasio.

Subway drivers now make frequent announcements at stops alerting passengers to cops stationed on the platforms, should they require assistance.

Subway crime plunged to levels not seen in decades, aside from during the height of the pandemic.

The New York Police Department announced March 8 that subway crime is down 21.5 percent from the same time last year, after Mayor Eric Adams ordered more cops to patrol the underground transit system.

In just the first nine weeks of 2023, authorities say, cops doled out nearly 10,000 more summonses than at the start of last year.

Every category of serious felonies is now down, except for burglaries, which remained flat with two reported so far this year.

Those are the lowest levels of felony crime on the subways dating back to the beginning of the data-collecting Compstat system in the mid-1990s, the New York Post reports, excluding the kickoff of 2021 when the COVID pandemic hit.