Posted on February 15, 2023

Auburn Student Group Circulates List of Racial Slurs Toward White People

Haika Mrema, Campus Reform, February 13, 2023

Auburn University students recently circulated a seven-page document that compiled a list of over 250 racial slurs toward White people. The document was sent in a GroupMe chat called “AU Student Connect” used by students at Auburn University.

Among those insults were “failed abortions,” “deformed dna,” “mockery of humanity,” “bleach demons,” “albino pigs,” “not meant to exist,” and “white ‘people’ was just god experimenting.”

Screenshots of the group chat obtained by Campus Reform showed students using the document, titled “Creaker Names,” to ridicule and mock White people by highlighting insults from the list.


Complaints and threats were also made in the group chat regarding passing White people on the sidewalk. One student referred to White people as “palm-colored folks” when expressing her complaint and threatened to “body check” them if they wouldn’t move out of her way.