Posted on December 5, 2022

Rock Star Morrissey Slams Cancel Culture, Social Media: Diversity Means ‘Conformity’

Alexander Hall, Fox News, December 2, 2022

Music icon Steven Patrick Morrissey raged against cancel culture in a new interview, where he called the push for diversity is really a push for ‘conformity.’

Sam Esty Rayner Photography released an interview with Morrissey earlier this week, where he warned about how music industry labels are now far quicker to abandon their artists in 2022 than they were in past decades.

“People could make five flops and the label would stick by them, now the labels are quite bloodless, they will just get rid of you if you say anything that they don’t agree with, they’re not interested,” Morrissey said at the London Palladium during his U.K tour. “Now they talk about ‘oh we must have diversity diversity diversity,’ diversity is people that you don’t know and it’s just another word for conformity, it’s the new way of saying conformity.”

He added that diversity as a concept has completely lost touch with its original meaning of taking joy in something precisely because it is unique.

“When people talk about diversity they don’t think about the great things that we don’t have in common,” he noted. “Those things are ignored, and they always made countries very interesting because you could travel to Germany, you could see the most incredible culture you go to Italy you see the most incredible culture-now they just want everything to be the same.”

He remarked how he thinks diversity has become a “dreadful” word and that when the word is attached to anything, it means that thing is “finished.”