Posted on December 13, 2022

Arrests Made in Paul Billion Murder Investigation After Months of Searching

Cooper Seamer, Dakota News Now, December 5, 2022

Over this past weekend, Sioux Falls Police made multiple arrests in connection with the murder of Paul Billion. The 36-year-old was found dead in his home on August 19.

Paul Billion

Paul Billion

Police said the three suspects were charged with murder, Gbo Youh, Thomas Tarley, and Soteemon Poley, were in possession of stolen guns when Billion was shot and killed. Youh and the fourth suspect arrested, Carnell Jimmerson, were also charged with multiple grand theft charges related to the stolen guns.

Even as police say they’ve arrested four in connection to the death of Paul Billion, their investigation isn’t over. There’s still missing details, but authorities believe Billion’s murder appears to be drug-related. According to court documents, Youh told police that they were at Billion’s house to get marijuana, and that he knew that they were going to commit a robbery. The documents also say that employees at a convenience store overheard Billion inviting random people that he just met over to his home, the same night of the suspected incident.

“It appears that the root of this crime was drug-related, and that this was a robbery that had turned out differently than I’m guessing the robbers or Mr. Billion had suspected that this would end up.” Lt. Nick Butler said.

Authorities also believe that the gun used to kill Billion was stolen from the area earlier this year. Although they wouldn’t confirm whether the weapon has been recovered, they did state that the gun was likely stolen from a vehicle in the Sioux Falls area.