Posted on November 18, 2022

Judge Dorow Sentences Darrell Brooks

John Sexton, Hot Air, November 16, 2022

If you’ve followed this case at all they you know that Judge Jennifer Dorow has dealt with and endless series of outbursts and shows of disrespect from Darrell Brooks.  {snip}

Today started out no different. Brooks had three people testify on his behalf, his mother, his grandmother and his good friend. Both his mother and grandmother talked about mental illness. And for once Brooks seemed genuinely moved.

Notice how different that was compared to yesterday when his victims were describing what they had suffered because of his actions.

Then it was Darrell Brooks turn to speak on his own behalf and say anything he wanted to that was relevant to his sentencing. He wound up rambling for nearly 2 hours.

He denied any intent to harm anyone.

An hour later he’s still talking about himself (not his actions and not his victims).


Finally, he was done and Judge Dorow took a brief break before returning to issue her sentence. She started by spending about 10 minutes arguing at length that Darrell Brooks does not have a mental condition that contributed to his actions last year. She noted that he’d initially attempted to file a ‘not guilty because of mental disease or defect’ plea in the trial and that had resulted in him being examined by four separate experts all of whom agreed he was competent to stand trial and that mental illness did not motivate him.

On the contrary, the experts pointed to his behavior immediately after the attack last year saying it demonstrated a clear awareness that he was in trouble and was trying to avoid consequences. He attempted to change his appearance, to flee the scene, and even once he was caught he repeatedly lied about his whereabouts to the police, claiming he’d been out of town.

Judge Dorow went on to say that she’d been “in the room” with schizophrenics who are genuinely experiencing auditory and visual hallucinations and she said those cases were clearly different from how Darrell Brooks presents himself. {snip}

“I’ve also had in my 11 years on the bench…of coming face to face with evil on occasion. There are many times, many times good people do bad things. But there are times when evil people do bad things…It is very clear to this court that he understands the difference between right and wrong and that he simply chooses to ignore his conscience. He is fueled by anger and rage. Some people, unfortunately, choose a path of evil and I think Mr. Brooks you are one of those such persons.”