Posted on October 11, 2022

Russia Warns Citizens About Black, Gay People if They Flee Country

Gerrard Kaonga, Newsweek, October 7, 2022

A video warning fleeing Russians of imagined interactions in America that is circulating on pro-Kremlin telegram channels has gone viral on Twitter.

The video is broken up into multiple skits where a man, his wife and child are on a plane leaving Russia to permanently live in America.

The video creates ludicrous situations where it suggested Russians must now be concerned about same-sex couples, black people and vegetarians.

The video was posted by Twitter user Kermlin Russia on Wednesday and so far has been viewed more than 450,000 times.

“The Russian Federation launched videos against the avalanche of migration,” read the video’s caption, according to a Google translation. “Like in the USA there are terrible same-sex marriages and ‘we must apologize to the blacks'”


In the final scene, the man is now up and standing in line for the bathroom on the plane. A Black man attempts to walk by him and is told that there is a queue.

When the stewardess intervenes the man said, according to the translation:” This dude is trying to jump the line.”

The stewardess answered: “So what, you don’t want to let him through?”

Another man joined in on the conversation and said: “Of course, of course, you have to let him through. We will wait.”

Another person chimed in: “His people have been oppressed by the white men for centuries. We owe a debt to all African Americans.”

This viral clip comes weeks after Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a partial mobilization on September 21 to support the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Following this announcement, hundreds of thousands of Russians attempted to leave the country. This resulted in significant chaos for airlines and train services, which were flooded with those attempting to leave the country.