Posted on October 13, 2022

Another Massive Brawl Is Caught on Camera Inside a Baltimore County School

Rebecca Pryor, WBFF, October 10, 2022

Another violent fight video from a Baltimore County School is circulating on social media.

The latest altercation caught on camera is a massive brawl breaking out inside Lansdowne High School.

The student taking one of the videos can be heard in shock and screaming, as several other students exchange back-to-back blows. In another clip, even the school’s principal appears to be among those attacked.

“When I watched that fight, it’s becoming all too common,” said Baltimore County Parent and Student Coalition member, Darren Badillo.

Badillo said last year, he counted 23 incidents at 18 different Baltimore County schools. This year, with a string of violent videos already on the books, he’s expecting to easily surpass that.


“They don’t want to suspend kids who are Black or Hispanic. They say it’s a pathway to jail, but if we don’t hold these kids accountable in the classroom, we will see them in the courtroom, and it’s not fair,” he said.

Last week, Baltimore County Schools sent FOX45 News a statement saying this type of behavior “will not be tolerated.”

After the new video, we followed up, asking, “Were these students held accountable for their actions?” {snip}

The school system claims, “student privacy laws prohibit us from sharing specific details about student consequences, the community can be assured that students are held accountable.”