Posted on September 22, 2022

Private School Teacher Calls Whiteness ‘Poison,’ Fosters ‘Racially Stressful Encounters’

Spencer Lindquist, Breitbart, September 19, 2022

A teacher at an elite private school in California’s Pacific Palisades called whiteness “poison” and pledged to expose white students to “racially stressful encounters,” in a letter obtained exclusively by Breitbart News.

Victoria Rosenberg, who teaches middle school English at the NAIS-affiliated St. Matthew’s Parish School, began her letter by lauding Critical Race Theory conferences “Be About It” and “National Anti-Racism Teach In.”


In her letter to parents, Rosenberg argues that parents and teachers “have all been socialized with the same poison of whiteness.” She also advocates for the integration of “anti-racist teaching into all subjects at all grade levels” on the basis that it will give white students more “exposure” to “racially stressful encounters.”

She specifically argued that these encounters will prepare white students to act as woke activists who can become better at “processing, discussing, and enacting change against white supremacy.”

She goes on to express her belief in the need to indoctrinate students with leftwing beliefs about race from a young age, writing, “Because of the capitalistic system in which we participate, our students are the future ruling class. As such, we have an obligation to teach racial literacy from the onset.”

Rosenberg continues, telling parents that she has “a responsibility” to “consistently expose my students to abolitionist ideology” for the sake of “collective liberation.” She also calls for teachers to “center the stories of resistance and agency by the oppressed.”

The teacher concludes her letter by noting her own intention of fostering “collaborators” and “co-conspirators.”

The National Anti-Racism Teach-In conference hosted prominent critical race theorists, including author of the 1619 Project, Nikole Hannah-Jones.