Posted on September 12, 2022

BBC Whines Monarchy “At Odds With Diversity” After Queen’s Death

Paul Joseph Watson, Summit News, September 9, 2022

BBC Radio 4 whined that the monarchy was “at odds with diversity” and an example of “white inherited privilege” following the death of the Queen of England.


According to journalist Sam Ashworth-Hayes, shortly after the announcement of her death was made official, BBC Radio 4 attacked the legitimacy of the monarchy.

“BBC Radio 4 busy telling us about how the monarchy is “at odds with society”, which values “equality, diversity, inclusivity”, while the monarchy is “about white inherited privilege”, at odds with our “multi-faith, multi-ethnic society,” tweeted Ashworth-Hayes. {snip}

The broadcaster, or if not presumably a guest they had platformed, asserted that “this white privileged family at the apex of British society is so at odds with the inclusive multiethnic place Britain can be.”

They also went on to talk about “protests against the Royal family and against Britain” in the Caribbean over slavery.