Posted on August 29, 2022

Pedestrian Killed, Another Seriously Injured After Woman Gets Behind Wheel During Fight in Queens

WABC, August 29, 2022

Police are searching for the driver who ran over and killed a disabled man while aiming for another woman during a fight in Queens.

The fight happened right in front of a camera around 7 a.m. on Beach 20th Street in Far Rockaway.

People were trying to keep two women apart, and then one woman got behind the wheel of a black Honda Accord. Then, the other woman confronted the woman in the car.

The woman then backed the car up and drove onto the sidewalk before driving forward. Everyone was able to get out of the way, except for a disabled man who was sitting quietly the whole time. The woman ran him over and then reversed the car and ran over him again. A second man who was nearby was also hurt.

The woman then drove away. Police are still looking for her.


Neighbors who knew Milton Storch, 59, say he was kind and friendly.