Posted on August 20, 2022

New Details: Deadly Shooting Near Alabama’s Cheaha State Park

WVTM, August 17, 2022

Two women have been charged in connection with the shooting death of a 22-year-old Florida college student in the Talladega National Forest near Alabama’s Cheaha State Park. Get the latest update in the video above.

Krystal Pinkins and Yasmine Hider are each charged with murder, kidnapping and robbery. Pinkins is being held in the Clay County jail while Hider, who was wounded after an exchange of gunfire with the victim, remains at UAB Hospital in Birmingham.

Pinkins and Hider, who investigators said had been living “off the grid” in the national forest for weeks, are accused of killing 22-year-old Adam Simjee of Apopka, Fla. after trying to rob him and his 20-year-old girlfriend, Mikayla Paulus, as they explored Cheaha State Park on Sunday.

Adam Simjee and Mikayla Paulus

Adam Simjee and Mikayla Paulus

On Tuesday, the Clay County Sheriff’s Office said the two suspects flagged down the couple and told them they needed help with their car. Authorities said Hider pulled a gun on them after they stopped to help and ordered them to drop their belongings and walk into the woods. At some point during the confrontation, Simjee pulled his gun and an exchange of gunfire ensued with both Simjee and Hider being hit.


Following an initial investigation, authorities learned about the second suspect, Pinkins, who had fled the shooting scene on foot.

“The tracking team lead law enforcement to a large group of tents that had been set up in the National Forrest in what appeared to be a base camp. {snip} ” the sheriff’s office said. “As law enforcement was approaching the base camp, they observed a black female standing near the tents. As officers were ordering the female to the ground a 5-year-old child ran from the woods holding a loaded shotgun. Law enforcement told the child to put the shotgun down however the child continued to the female’s location before laying the gun on the ground.”

Pinkins was taken into custody and authorities said they determined the little boy was her son. {snip}